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Meet Babelord — Your New Intergalactic Obsession


What should you do if an life form falls with a mission to free humankind from the perils of their own negativity from space? Make music obviously, with her. Believe it or not, that’s exactly what happened to local musician, Daniel DiMarchi. DiMarchi and his bandmate, Lela Roy, fulfilled Babelord when her spaceship crash landed in Cheesman Park last winter. Moved by her message of love and acceptance, DiMarchi and Babelord created an electro-dance job to give a platform for Babelord’s quest.

The duo’s synthy tracks sport a vibe without being too sentimental, with a flair that convey positive messages.  “I want people to experience an element, but also to dance. You will find interesting beats, but also something that is showing, beautiful [and] honest,” says DiMarchi.  Singles such as “Love Without Wanting,” “Feels” and the No Cake,” concentrate on issues such as self-acceptance and personal growth shrouded in an air of synth-infused bliss. In a time music that encourages the listener to “go and submit to the catharsis of our human condition” is required before.

Babelord sat down with 303 Magazine to talk about why she chose music as her mode of communication, her goals here on Earth and if music could change the world. It must be noted that Babelord communicates with people telepathically — a first in 303 Magazine history.

303: Why did you pick music with the human race as your main mode of communication?

Babelord: Our mission as a Galactan race will be to aid in the advancement of life forms across the universe. Before I came on earth as an Intergalactic Agent, I had no clue I was going to accomplish that objective. 

But when I came, some thing I immediately noticed about people is how much they hate themselves. What’s especially strange is how many people hate themselves in areas that are the most affluent on earth. Everyone on Earth appears to be so happy on their social media outlets but every human I have met so far feels pain on the inside.

Because there’s something about music, I chose music as my main mode of communication. I think every one of us has felt this on some level. Through vibrations and resonance, music has the ability to heal. I believe the issues Earth is facing today are a reflection of how people feel on the inside. My expectation is to advance the human race from the inside out — through music.

303: This next question is for Daniel — what is it like creating music? What has this experience taught you?

Daniel DiMarchi: It’s been amazing that I have a hard time making music with humans that are ordinary today. Due to Babelord’s empathy, she and I are able to communicate with so much bandwidth that it almost feels like she’s creating the music through me.

It s been a change for me. Historically speaking — and especially when it comes to music — the music I make has a great deal of themes that are dark. With Babelord’s music, it’s been a complete 180 and I’ve been enjoying it. I think there’s a lot of despair and hate in the world today so the perfect tonic for that is hope and love. Babelord pushing me has been very inspiring.

303: What is?

Babelord: So many things! However, if I had to choose one, I would say cash. The humans have the capability to provide every individual but then they demand retribution for it? Seems like an unnecessary step.

303: What kind of changes do you expect to make over the course of your time on Earth?

Babelord: My expectation is that by changing how people feel on the inside, it is going to make a change in the world. I’m hoping that this will alter humankind’s trajectory and propel them onto a path that will allow them to be part of the community.

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