Meet TezLab, the Fitbit for Tesla vehicles



Some of the finest real-time insights to Tesla and its worldwide fleet of vehicles — beyond the boundaries of its Silicon Valley headquarters might function through the lens of TezLab, a very small upstart in Brooklyn.

Currently, a little more than two years after its founding, TezLab is on the verge of hitting what its creators think is a tipping point of consumers, a milestone that could finally trigger a route into monetization. And it’s incorporating a lot of new features to help hasten that strategy.

For your non-Tesla proprietor, the title TezLab is likely a foreign one. In certain circles though, namely Tesla owners obsessed with knowing how their electric vehicle plays, TezLab is a comfortable friend.

Tezlab is a free program that’s like a Fitbit for a Tesla vehicle. Tesla owners that download the program can monitor their efficacy, total trip miles and then use it in order to control certain parts of the vehicle, like unlocking and locking the doors and heating and ac. There’s a gamification bit which lets users earn badges for hitting milestones or finishing tasks.

The company has started to add new attributes as part of a longer term plan directed toward monetization.

One of these attributes, which crowdsources data like Waze to provide ratings and insights on Tesla Supercharger stations, is rolling out out now. The movie below shows how this supercharger attribute will function.

The Waze for supercharger attribute is considered “stage one” of their company’s plans to expand its crowdsourcing and societal community.

Origin story

The six-person group supporting TezLab was created out of HappyFunCorp, an applications engineering shop which builds apps for mobile, web, wearables and Internet of Things apparatus for customers which include Amazon, Facebook and Twitter, in addition to an array of startups.

HFC’therefore engineers, including co-founders Ben Schippers and William Schenk, have been attracted to Tesla mainly due to its techcentric approach and one important detail: that the Tesla API endpoints are accessible to outsiders.

The Tesla API is private. Nonetheless, it is present, allowing Tesla’s first-party program to communicate with the automobiles to do things like read battery charge status and lock doors. When reverse-engineered, it’s possible for a third party program to communicate directly with the API. (Tesla CEO Elon Musk has spoke recently about opening up the API to third party developers)

“Essentially, the plumbing is already built to link to the host,” Schippers informed TechCrunch recently. “This was the catalyst for us. ”

A Tesla vehicle buying trend was triggered in HFC. Schippers, Schenk along with numerous other applications engineers and staffers in HFC bought, and still possess, Tesla vehicles like the Model 3. The organization ’s HFC fund provided the first $350,000 to create the first version of TezLab.

Repository of data

TezLab hasn’t captured anywhere near every Tesla proprietor. But Schippers thinks they’re getting close to attaining a critical mass of consumers. More than 200 owners are downloading this program each week, which speed is accelerating,” he explained.

TezLab has 16,000 total installs around the Apple App Store and Google Play, based on Sensor Tower . The characters are all unique, brand fresh installs. The firm doesn’t rely re-installs or downloads into numerous apparatus belonging to the exact identical user. However, that total install number is likely closer to 18,000 because many are listed under TestFlight, an internet service used to examine apps.

In comparison, Tesla delivered 245,506 vehicles globally in 2018. TezLab doesn’t anticipate every Tesla proprietor to download the program. Rather, Schippers is initially aiming for 10 percent of owners — a target he believes is within reach — and eventually higher.

At its current numbers, TezLab has turned into a huge repository of Tesla information. The company is storing between 850,000 to 1 million events each day, which quantity is increasing. That translates into more than one GB of data daily, based on Schippers.

“We currently have enough information from our system to start making large assumptions of what the fleet is doing and ,” stated Schippers, who’s CEO of HappyFunCorp and head of merchandise at TezLab.


The data is aggregated and anonymous and isn’t shared publicly. And there aren’t any plans to market this information.

“I think we can produce something very meaningful, without getting to the business of selling data,” Schippers informed TechCrunch.

Of course, what Schippers and others in the TezLab have assembled may, theoretically, end immediately if Tesla have been to change access.

Tesla can do to us what Facebook didn’t Zynga, and we don’t need that,” ” Schippers stated.

Tesla dropped to comment on this subject.

What TezLab does offer publicly on its website will be insights based on this crunched data. For example, anyone going to the website can get a breakdown of model ownership, the average trip length and typical time between remaining in.

Since the company adds additional features to the program, an understanding of how folks use their Tesla vehicles must deepen.

In the background, obviously, TezLab knows more than what it shows on its website. It can quickly identify phantom drain difficulties, if the Tesla API goes offline or graph spikes in charging use. For example, Tezlab managed to determine that visits to Tesla Supercharger stations were 84% higher on Memorial Day than on an ordinary day in 2019.

The Strava model

Capturing and saving that data is in the core of TezLab’s plan to create money. The program will remain free as more features are added.

The company plans to follow the business model of their social fitness system Strava,  which is responsible for storage, not attributes. That data may become a great deal more beneficial to owners since new features are added. TezLab is considering monitoring Autopilot miles and is looking to doing “interesting stuff with Sentry manner,” the safety feature currently reside in Tesla vehicles.

In this summer, the program will present clubs which Schippers expects will build the community up. The attribute will allow Tesla owners join a particular club, state in Norway, Brooklyn or even San Francisco. It will be designed so owners can readily find and converse with different owners. And Schippers added, just individuals who own Tesla are permitted in.

TezLab’s staff places itself directly in the “shield of the realm” class in regards to Tesla. In the end, all of this is to assist Tesla succeed, said Schippers.

“We consider what Fitbit did for walking and exercise and inspiration,” he explained. “And we’ll deliver this to the distance of electric vehicles. ”

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