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My app has sluggish, jerky bluetooth communication, only on Huawei P20 Pro


I have pulled a lot of hair out over this, also googled it challenging, but I think of zero.

I have also asked users if anyone else has problems with different apparatus, but zero feedback on this.

I have tried all of the obvious, and less obvious 'clear”bluetooth app” cache', changed energy saving settings .

Must admit that Android 9 is new to me, and so is this telephone. (All other bluetooth programs, like Spotify streaming into the car operates flawlessly)

I have a 'UI presentation ' app, that’s all the same code, but it plays back a log file (in the same thread as the analog comms would ordinarily be), largely to enable Google Play into auto-test design, resolutions, performance etc.. This app runs perfectly smooth to the same phone.

The sole metric I can quote is:

Lenovo P2 (Android 7.0) runs on the app smoothly, and measures around 500 canbus packs per second.

Samsung S8 (Android 9) runs on the app perfectly (also reads all programs from the Vehicle, roughly 500 a second)

Huawei P20 pro jumps between about 50 and 150 packets per second, seems to hang for up to two second between bursts of updates, entirely arbitrary.

Both tests with exactly the identical automobile, and same OBDLink MX bluetooth adapter.

I use a BluetoothSocket to connect, and the InputStream and OutputStream of that socket.

Program is Scan My Tesla, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.emon.canbus.tesla

Program is designed with Xamarin.Android

Any ideas, pointers, applications or debugging methods would be greatly appreciated.

I have many ways to log the information, for example time stamps, however so far I can't use that.

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