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My Critique of Google


My review of Google: just how sneaky it seems. How it desires to “nudge” you in a certain manner; appearing like a little buddy, but actually an insanely addictive algorithm which provides you precisely what you want (like a rat and also pez dispenser of violence ). Also, but Google as an unaesthetic advertisements platform.

Obviously Google has benefitted humanity 1000x over it’s hurt it my simple proposal:

Subtract things out of your life that you don’t enjoy from tech or Google.

For instance, I no longer use Google Chrome (following becoming a diehard user as the start ). Why not? Too much cross-platform tracking, and I don’t enjoy being kissed I’m tucked in to Google/Chrome at the top right corner. In cellular the “Suggested content” thing in the bottom of this Chrome mobile browser is distracting.

Because Google knows my search background, it knows exactly what I want, which is somewhat dangerous, because it distracts me favorably. I enjoy Elon Musk and Tesla, however obtaining fed articles all of the time and deflecting point doesn’t add value to my life.

Are there some more visionaries in Google?

Sergey and Larry were both visionaries, leaders, along with the soul supporting Google. The fun, colorful is out of them two. But now they’re more concentrated on other pursuits, so it seems Google is becoming another Microsoft: corporate, chilly, and soulless.

Critique of Android

Apps drawer for Pixel. You cannot get rid of this Google search bar at the top.

I really like Android, and the open source thought. However, with Android, especially with this Google Pixel:

There is so much you CANNOT personalize with the default option Google Pixel launcher, if you don’t put in some third party program or launcher.

For instance, from the Pixel, you swipe and you have this insanely feed of all this material, which is tailored to you, but insanely addicting.

Additionally, There are just ten trillion Google search bars all around, which can be unpleasing, and seems to shout:

Give me of your interests and behavior that is browsing!

Now, a lot of these things won’t bother folks; but I am bothered by it. Additionally, I am a little worried and doubtful about all these billions of individuals who are currently utilizing Google without knowing act, act and they ’ re being tweaked to believe a certain way.

When you swipe from bottom. You cannot alter the program drawer on bottom or the Google search bar. Possessing the Google search bar always visible when you re shifting programs is distracting.

Simple tips Post processing for Google Photos on Google Pixel. Very good integration with Google Photos app

It ain’t bad! My idea that is simple:

The long run will be gonna be that: an advertising-driven (spammy) stage for the poor people, and also a clean and ad-free existence for the rich and technician elite.

Even consider now, how all these folks watch YouTube advertisements (that is insane to me personally ). But consider all of the folks who got money to get YouTube Red to get rid of the ads, or have enough money to get a service like Netflix to bypass the ads for a experience.

Android vs iPhone

Even now; you can get an nice and capable Google Pixel cellphone for sub-$300 which is capable and great. However, the catch? Each of the subtle and sneaky information-gathering things baked into it (made to eventually serve you more special advertisements ).

On the other hand that the iPhone: more expensive, attractive, and a cleaner and much more zen user interface. But Apple is starting to pollute its own ecosystem, also allowing for sponsored advertisements in their App shop, a thing I found quite distasteful.

Root your Android

It seems if you like Android or open source, rooting (jailbreaking) your phone or device seems the thing to do. For instance I rooted my Samsung phone and am now running “Lineage OS” on it, and it is a experience, but is still somewhat buggy.

Much better to trust Apple

Motives are apparent. Google would like to divert you and serve you more advertisements for you to click , and buy products. Apple would like you to get Apple products. However, at least Apple doesn’t care to divert me.

Considering I prize concentration, my focus, and anti-distraction as far as you can, I have a lot more faith, respect, and devotion to Apple than Google.

Become a little more suspicious

Keep away from thinking about Google (or any tech company) as a benevolent platform only devoted for the enhancement of humanity. Google of course is an practical utility, but remember; the real goal for Google would be to boost its inventory for its shareholders to maximize money earnings, and also to continue growing.


So It’s easy with Google:

Use the pieces of Google you enjoy, and also don ’t utilize the sections of Google you would like ’t enjoy.


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