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Neuron EV T.ONE: ‘World’s First Modular Electric Utility Vehicle’


Another truck was just revealed in Shanghai with a Los Angeles-based company. The Neuron EV T.ONE might just be the electric adventure vehicle we all were hoping for through the new Tesla Cybertruck reveal.

The full-electric truck market is getting busy. There have been about eight pickups declared for manufacturing in the upcoming few decades. The current frontrunners, concerning fame at this time, have been Ford, Bollinger, Rivian, and Tesla. Neuron EV hopes to bring its own flavor to the electric truck party together with all the T.ONE.


Where the Tesla Cybertruck shocks usthe Neuron EV T.ONE is a surprising layout. This vehicle looks like the luxury truck of their future. The electric powertrain packaging is capitalized on by the design whilst looking like something we might predict a truck.


Clean aerodynamic shapes, lots of LEDs, and large fender flares result in a powerful and thoroughly modern design statement. Front tow hooks, as well as the aggressive all-terrain tires and retrieval shackles, hint that this truck is intended to be used off road. While the wheels are unique and futuristic lookingthey frankly simply look like cheap hubcaps for me personally.

Within the T.ONE, you are greeted with an extremely luxurious area. It s filled with other substances, leather, leather and wood veneers, and what looks like Eames-inspired seating.

The thing that is only shocking inside is the chance of an odd driver standing that is central. The seating layouts from the T.ONE range from transporting three to six passengers. The demonstrated concept truck features one central driver&rsquo seat, together with 2 seats behind.

Everything We Know (Not Much)

Very little has been revealed about the T.ONE, particularly any type of powertrain details. What Neuron has mentioned is a “multi-source propulsion system brings power from removable solar panel truck bed cap , replaceable reserve power, and an all-electric traction battery pack. ”

These are some interesting thoughts, but they harbor &rsquo. This ’s a hint we might not be prepared to find that at time .

T-ONE-Exterior4Photo credit: Neuron EV

“For all those, usability determines vehicle performance. Are vehicles engineered to proceed faster than the speed limit if our goal as a society is to lower car accidents? Neuron’s merchandise quality is quantified by ease of use, comfort, reliability, safety, and sustainability,and rdquo; Neuron EV said.

It sounds as the brand isn’t always likely to step into the performance wars and rather concentrate on building a safe, usable, and also automobile.

Neuron EV asserts the T.ONE to be the “world’s modular electric utility vehicle. ” The vehicle is using a very low area between the wheels to the passenger compartment, based on a skateboard chassis. The concept is set up as a truck with a topper. On Neuron EV’s website, the T.ONE is observed using a typical pickup truck bed, goose-neck flatbed, SUV, and also dump truck rear modules.

Concept Reveal

While Tesla had any hiccups (fine, large problems ) using its Cybertruck reveal, it got everybody talking.

Though Neuron EV is established in Los Angeles, it passed up the opportunity to reveal the T.ONE in the LA Auto Show, and rather showed it in the China International Import Expo (CIIE) at Shanghai. The Neuron EV stall in Shanghai was adjacent to Ford and Tesla in the Expo.

T-ONE-Exterior6Photo credit: Neuron EV

Neuron EV said it did so since China is the EV marketplace, and also the CIIE is one of the largest trade shows on earth. Both motives are hard to argue with.

We’re sure they would have received a great deal more focus with a reveal in Los Angeles, however. Maybe rsquo, the truck just isn &;t?


You can “reserve” your own Neuron EV T.ONE now, but we’re conscious about precisely what that means. It is possible to enter your information but that & rsquo; s about up to ldquo your own &; reservation & rdquo; goes. It ’s challenging to reserve a product which doesn’t have price, any specifications, or perhaps a projected manufacturing date.

Neuron EV is a privately held company that has big aspirations. On its website, it provides up a bunch of transport engineering and product ideas. Included in these are a semi-truck which looks pretty similar to one announced by Tesla calendar year.

Called the TORQ, it therefore a large truck intended for use. But the brand has revealed in the way of just how, or when, it may bring these products to market.

Besides the impressive-looking T.ONE modular truck concept, the Neuron EV STAR “multipurpose electric mini truck” van notion really piqued our curiosity. Only time will tell as we enjoy what we see, if any of these ideas get off the ground, but we & rsquo; re hopeful!

NeuronEVStarNeuron EV STAR

P.S.: If you’re wondering in which the T.ONE title came from, Neuron EV explains it :

“The letter T signifies that it’s constructed on a truck platform. The term ONE was utilized in conjunction since it s assembled as an all-purpose multipurpose car. The platform may take on several different truck bodies as well as a van. It s a pickup truck that is very simple, it s an Electric Utility Vehicle that delivers value through technology. ”

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