Home News New Hampshire Approves Groundbreaking Home Battery Pilot to Fight System Peaks

New Hampshire Approves Groundbreaking Home Battery Pilot to Fight System Peaks

New Hampshire Approves Groundbreaking Home Battery Pilot to Fight System Peaks

An advanced home battery pilot may go into effect after getting closing regulatory approval a week. 

The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission on Thursday affirmed the program, which will utilize a network of batteries in homes, possessed by the utility and parties, to reduce demand during peak hours. The program is intended to lower prices for ratepayers while saving money for the server clients according to a time-of-use rate.

Liberty Utilities attained this compromise by stakeholders at November. The utility originally wished to possess and run 1,000 Tesla Powerwalls in client homes. Industry analysts countered that parties ought to have a chance.

The approved program grants that desire (see this past policy for additional information ). Liberty will get the first move, installing up to 200 Powerwalls from the homes of consumers, who’ll spend $25 a month, or $ 2,433 per platform upfront for ten years. The consumers will go on a time-of-use rate designed to alter consumption.

The design aligns system and customer incentives. Participants are charged more during the hours which are more expensive for Liberty to provide power, but they are able to avoid invoices by using stored power. The batteries also offer power in an outage.

Things get more interesting when Liberty predicts a system summit event. It requires charge of their home batteries, prices them economical late-night power, and as necessary during the summit window to decrease the draw from ISO New England. The batteries act like a decentralized power plant to reduce costs that Liberty clients cover.

If performance targets are met by the set of batteries, the utility will be able to set up 300 more. Stakeholders will devise a method for third party organizations to offer this support to Liberty's clients. The independent companies would shoulder the cost and risk of bringing peak reductions and deploying the gear.

The onus is now on Liberty Utilities to show it can operate the battery network to provide savings for participants and ratepayers .

This program provides a brand new model for the way to leverage private investment to reduce grid system costs if it delivers. It balances price indicates that are increasingly sophisticated with a way of managing that complexity on behalf of the homeowners.


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