New Polestar 2 Four-Door Coupe Teaser Is The Most Revealing Yet



Polestar is almost ready to uncover their next item, the ‘rsquo & 2;, however not until teasing it a bit more.

The above image was discovered in a formal mobile app that allows users to explore some characteristics of this Android-based HMI infotainment system that will equip the car.

It reveals a few creases on the hood along with a big panoramic roof. The image also provides yet another glimpse of the LED lighting units, with the back ones being joined together with a light strip, even as previewed in another teaser released a few weeks ago.

The Polestar 2 is really a four-door coupe equipped with a zero-emission powertrain that’ll rival the Tesla Model 3. The electric motor(s) will create around 395 hp (400 PS / / 294 kW), according to the automaker, whereas the battery pack will allow it to travel for roughly 300 miles (482 km).

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Though there’s no official word on its own launching, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Polestar 2 debuts at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, given that the event is simply a little over a month away from launching its gates.

As for the Android-based HMI infotainment system, the company claims to be incorporating a world-first future-proof applications installation. It’s always linked to the world wide web and can get upgrades, exactly like a smartphone or a tablet, and uses services apps and technologies that people are already accustomed to, such as Google Maps and Google Assistant.

It is intended for optimum performance and has a four-tile grid program instead of collapsible menus. Each tile has customizable default app groupings, which helps reduce motorist distraction.

Polestar previewed it in some images, but also enable people. To do so, you’ll have to get this link and follow the instructions. We did that, and you can view a few screenshots of the app in the Gallery below, accessed utilizing Android along with iOS operating systems.

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