Nikola takes ‘silencing your critics’ a bit too literally with copyright strikes on YouTube



Hydrogen Freight start-up Nikola has obtained an assertive position against its critics, with the firm forcing the removal of several videos on YouTube over alleged copyright infringement problems. The videos in question supposedly included proprietary material, such as sections of this startup’s “Nikola One in Motion” ad, which included a prototype truck in the firm being rolled down a hill. 

As mentioned in a Financial Times report, numerous financial commentator channels on YouTube have reported that they obtained takedown notices in the hydrogen truck maker, leading to several videos being removed by the video-sharing platform. In a statement to the publication, Sam Alexander, a Nikola critic and YouTube host, said that he received notifications on Wednesday that at least four of his videos have been reported for copyright infringement. All of the videos featured sections of the “Nikola One in Motion” ad. 

The same was true for fellow articles founder Tom Nash, whose finance-themed station has 41,000 subscribers. According to Nash, he was asked to take down three critical Nikola videos such as one that featured sections of this rolling Nikola One prototype. Nikola reportedly occurred with Nash’s usage of videos that featured its prototype jet skiing and hydrogen channel also. “It’s what you would call a departure sentence for a founder. This is my livelihood. I’ve got three kids. I quit my job to get this done,” Nash informed the FT. 

Nikola targeting content creators like @SamMcbr46422783, that don’t speak favorably of the company is not the ideal strategy. This will stoke more negative opinion toward Nikola and embolden longer to talk up.

— Sean Mitchell (@seanmmitchell) October 1, 2020

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Amidst concerns that the provider seems to be seeking to silence its critics, a spokesperson from Nikola explained that YouTube defines copyright violations and shares this information with the company. The spokesperson added that according to the data shared with YouTube, Nikola managed to publish takedown notices against videos that included content that has been used without consent. 

“YouTube regularly describes copyright violations of Nikola shares and content the lists of videos with us. According to YouTube’therefore data, our first action was to submit takedown requests to take out the content that was used without our consent. Moving forward, we will appraise these flagged videos on a case-by-case foundation,” the spokesman stated. 

Hey @YouTubeCreators – how do I receive another attack per day once I got the first person? For the same 3 videos that were removed 24 hours before? I wouldn’t inquire unless my kids required to eat and things? Any chance you can provide help?

— Tom Nash (@iamtomnash) October 1, 2020

The justification, however, was disputed to a diploma by a spokesman in YouTube. Alex Joseph, a YouTube spokesman, advised the Financial Times that the platform’s no copyright match tool does not automatically get rid of any videos. Joseph added that content creators that believe that their videos were flagged might dispute that the takedown notices. 

“Nikola includes accessibility to our copyright match tool, that does not automatically get rid of any videos. Users must complete a copyright removal request form, and if doing this that we remind them to consider exceptions to copyright law. Anyone who thinks that their instills of a video or segment is protected by fair usage can file a counter-notice,” the YouTube spokesperson remarked. 

Nikola has recently been met with a lot of turbulence. After a damning report by short-seller company Hindenburg Research, that accused the company of misleading investors, the company was rocked by the death of founder Trevor Milton. Milton, for his part, has also fulfilled controversy over allegations of improper behavior against girls previously. Amidst all these reports, Nikola has declared that it will function as postponing Nikola World 2020, the event that has been expected to unveil the Badger, the company’s no answer to this Tesla Cybertruck and the Rivian R1T. 

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