NYT Reporter Solicited Charitable Donation from Epstein, Refused to Report On Him



NYT Reporter Solicited Charitable Donation from Epstein, Refused to Report On HimA New York Times reporter who had been assigned to cover the now-deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein refused to do so due to his close personal relationship with the alleged pedophile, NPR reported Friday.In August of this past year, veteran New York Times financial correspondent Landon Thomas Jr. has been requested to investigate a hint that Epstein was counselling Tesla founder Elon Musk. Thomas denied, telling his editors he would not jeopardize Epstein as a source by reporting him directly.Thomas, who had depended on Epstein as a source since the early 2000s, also confessed they’d become such close friends that Epstein given $30,000 into some Harlem cultural center in his request. “Soliciting a donation to a charity that is personal is a breach of the policy which governs Times journalists' connections with their resources,” Times main spokesperson Eileen Murphy informed NPR. “As soon as editors became aware of this, they took action. ”Thomas left the Times in January but it remains unclear whether the departure was related to his relationship with all Epstein.The NPR article also detailed the tactics that Epstein and his legal staff, led by Alan Dershowitz, utilized to kill negative stories from the press.A former editor in Vanity Fair explained that the journal 's prior editor-in-chief, Graydon Carter, believed that Epstein was responsible for a series of threats made against him in 2003 after he assigned a reporter to research just how Epstein earned his luck. A severed kitty mind was delivered to Carter's residence in Connecticut and a bullet has been sent to some Manhattan apartment.Epstein died of an apparent suicide in national custody in New York on August 10. He had been awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges.Like Thomas, ABC's George Stephanopoulos, Katie Couric, along with Woody Allen also kept in contact Epstein after his 2008 prosecution for raping prostitutes, a lot of whom were teenage girls he lured into his home with the assurance of money for massages. All three attended a dinner in Epstein's home in December 2010.

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