Personal finance links: offsetting bad luck



SpendingHow to stop wasting money on subscriptions you don’t use. ( to plug leaks in your budget. ( things you will need to own if you have small children in the house. ( we justify spending money on stuff. . .like a new Tesla ($TSLA). ( doctrine Eight financial superpowers such as: preventing lifestyle creep. ( guacamole can teach us about life and money. ( to consider correlations in your real life, not just your investment portfolio. ( literacyHow to perform financial literacy education right. ( you shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for schools to teach financial literacy. ( SethiHigh praise for the new edition of Ramit Sethi’s”I Will Teach You to Be Rich.” ( Sethi on how to earn more income. ( things to take into consideration when deciding to move in retirement. ( relationships affect our finances in retirement. ( financeGood behavior has lead to some excellent outcomes for 401(k) participants over the last ten years. ( save to offset the effects of bad luck. ( Security is bond-like, but not a bond. ( not great reasons to pursue FIRE. (

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