Pininfarina eSUV EV Is A Futuristic Thesis Project Done Right



Back in the early 2000s, it would have been hard to envision that, in a little more than a decade, some thing like a Tesla Model X can eventually become mainstream.

Yet here we’re living in a age of autonomous designs, together with carmakers no longer shying away from bringing thought appears into production at a much quicker speed than previously. We could only imagine what the next 10-15 years will probably seem like when automakers remain on this path.

Speaking of imagining things, about this magnificent thesis project by Daniel Gombo? His work was supervised by Pininfarina, resulting in the eSUV, a totally electric crossover which seems much like a high-riding modern sports coupe.

It’s certainly not normal in any sense of the word. Stylish, sporty, glossy, and various other attributes work best in attempting to clarify its lively appearance.

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“The bonnet blades may be considered as another design characteristic of the exterior theme,” says that the designer. “It will help to break the contour by the planar perspective and brings the sporting character to the vehicle. To put it differently, the sculptured temperament of the outside on the side produces a substantial difference with the horizontal shape of the hood defined by two striking lines. It also works as an aerodynamic duct along with the front and rear diffusers. ”

Those shocks at the rear by the way are there for opening the trunk, where you are able to store extra bag or even extra batteries.

As for the interior, it’s got a 2+2 layout, with only a squared-off steering wheel and no screens or physical switches, although we guess that’s because this is more of a workout than a genuine idea.

Note: These are independent examples created by Daniel Gombo and not an real Pininfarina design.

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