Polestar 2 Is A Good EV – But Can It Upstage Tesla’s Model 3 Performance?



The 2021 Polestar 2 is observed by most as the Tesla Model 3’s significant rival to date, but is it set up a fight against the Model 3 Performance range-topper?

On paper, the 2 EVs appear quite evenly matched, except for the 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) sprint which the Tesla dispatches within 3.2 seconds, giving it an edge of 1.7 seconds over the Polestar. Evidently, both models should not be judged based on performance alone, however that’s an important selling point for both; after all, Polestar sees itself within an electric performance manufacturer.

Another problem for the Polestar two is that the Model 3 Performance offers a far longer EPA-rated variety – 322 miles (518 km) compared to Swedish EV’s 233 miles (375 km).

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For most folks, the conversation would end here, particularly considering that, at $56,990, the Tesla prices almost $3,000 less in the U.S.. The cost difference is even larger if the Polestar two is specced using the Performance Pack, like the car in the video.

So what’s the purpose of comparing these two performance EVs, then? The men from Throttle House desired to find out if the Polestar 2 compensates for all these shortcomings with different things that it will better compared to Tesla.

As it happens, they discovered a few. As an example, the interior is deemed more ergonomic, so thanks in part to the intuitive center touchscreen that works the clever Android-powered infotainment system.

The build quality is great, but a few materials don’t really belong into a $60k car. In fact, the researchers found the materials in the Model 3 to be of exceptional quality to the ones in the Polestar 2. See what else that they discovered in the comparative review below.

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