Porsche Taycan Drive Instantly Converts Walter Röhrl From EV Hater To Believer



Walter Röhrl is not exactly known to be a lover of electrical vehicles; in actuality, he had been an outspoken hater.

The mythical rally driver has ever been a huge advocate of the internal combustion motor. This past year, the two-time WRC champion and Porsche ambassador famously said he didn’t are interested in being involved in the evolution of that the Taycan (subsequently called the Mission E), or some other electrical Porsche for that matter, because he loathed EVs.

“No, I don’t need that. I’m so convinced that by the time that car hits the ground I’ll have an agreement whereby I’ll either be retired or I’ll have nothing to do with that,” that the Porsche ambassador replied when Germany’s Motorsport Magazin asked if he liked the Mission E.

Well, it seems that his wish didn’t come true as Porsche had him drive the Taycan. Surprisingly, he seemed to enjoy it. Whether ’s his genuine opinion or simply Porsche PR department talk (probably a little of either ) we’ll never understand, but Röhrl seems to have had a very sudden change of heart.

“Even in my rally cars, I have never experienced performance like it

“It’so mad. In all my years of rallying, I’t never undergone performance. The Taycan goes well at rate, really tremendous,” he even informed Porsche&rsquo. When asked about how that the Taycan handles, Röhrl commended the engineers to get a “great project about the tuning” and “outstanding use of the low center of gravity. ” The Porsche ambassador added that “the steering as well as the wheels handle beautifully. ”

It s not the handling, however. What’s much more surprising is the fact that he doesn’t miss the motor noise of an internal combustion motor: “I would never have expected that the absence of any noise by the drive system may signify no loss of performance. In actuality, I actually enjoy the quietness of the Taycan; it’s something of the experience in itself. ”

Before we leave you with the movie, it has to be said this was Röhrl’s second drive in a Porsche Taycan prototype, following a brief lap onto a circuit that a few months past. ” he remarked that “you barely notice the weight ,” speaking to the way the car feels compared to what it felt just like last year. Aside from him, we gather rsquo that;s a good sign.

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