Porsche Taycan owners will get three years free charging at hundreds of Electrify America stations



Owners of the upcoming Porsche Taycan will get three decades of free charging at countless Electrify America public channels that can blanket the U.S. in the coming months.

And that may include access to DC rapid chargers that will allow the Taycan, that can be intended to have an 800 volt battery which can take a 350 kW charge, to receive 60 miles of range in only four minutes. That charging speed blows away competitor Tesla, that has put up its own network of chargers known as Superchargers.

Porsche and Electrify America, the thing set up from Volkswagen as a portion of its settlement with U.S. labs over its gas emissions cheating scandal, announced the agreement Monday.

The Porsche Taycan, that will be coming later this year, is hotly anticipated, even without the free access to Electrify America’s community. But the agreement, together with an extra $70 million investment to add DC chargers that are quickly to Porsche dealerships pays off.

Electrify America will have more than 300 highway channels in 17 metro locations in 42 states and another 184 websites.  Each place will have a mean of five charging dispensers, with some having as many as 10. Overall, Electrify America says 484 locations will be installed or under construction from July 1.

The business is forecast to develop a second phase commencing July 2019.

ELECTRIFY AMERICA Nationwide Network MapThe highway channels will have a minimum of two 350 kW chargers per website, with added chargers providing around 150 kW. Charging dispensers at subway locations will soon possess 150 kilowatts of power.

The highway channels will be spaced along routes — as may be seen from the map above — and no longer than 120 miles from each other. The space between highway channels will probably average 70 miles.

Along with this 484-station Electrify America network, all 191 Porsche dealerships would be installing their own DC fast-charging units. Over 120 of those dealerships will comprise Porsche Turbo Charging, that’s the automaker’s own DC system which delivers around 320 kW and uses the CCS plug. The dealerships will set up 50 kW quickly chargers.

Electrify America charging kioskElectrify America has experienced an early hiccup using its growing charging community.

On Friday, supplier Huber + Suhner urged its clients suspend the performance of charging channels with its high-speed charging system following having a short-circuit was reported at a charging station to a test site in Germany. Electrify America has shuttered these chargers while the supplier completes tests of its cables. Additional EV charging firms, such as Fastned and Ionity in Europe, also have shut down their chargers with Huber + Suhner’s high-power cables.

Meanwhile, all 89 Electrify America charging locations are open to charge electric vehicles, a spokesman said. These charging locations all have CHAdeMO connector 50 kW chargers offered and a few have CCS jack. Electrify America also has high-power liquid-cooled cables from a different supplier, ITT Cannon, that can be working.

Electrify America’s engineers are working with the company closely so it could get all its chargers back and readily available for customers, the spokesman said.

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