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Portland’s Public & Private Facial Recognition Ban Explained


The City of Portland has now passed a regulation banning the public and private use of facial recognition technology also it appears to have gone off without a hitch. The law is a first inside the United States as different towns, such as San Francisco and Sacramento have only formerly gone so far as to prevent public agencies from deploying the technology. The ban takes immediate effect in Portland for governmental actors while the implementation of this personal ban is set to occur January 1, 2021.

The law comes in response to questions regarding abuse of their technology as well as worries about it contributing to discrimination. Chief among the concerns is that the possibility of facial recognition to be employed to monitor and police demonstration activities. Meanwhile, key concerns concerning discrimination relate to this tech’s lower degree of accuracy in most cases of girls and people of colour, leading some to indicate that facial recognition might result in higher degrees of misidentification along with also the arrest of innocent men which are not white males.

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CNN reports that the step had been passed with the unanimous support of Portland’s city council. Regular privacy concerns joined the collection of justification for its use of this law past the public sphere and into personal realms. While the law does govern the personal use of their technologies, banning it within restaurants and other personal spaces which are public accommodations, private people may still deploy it into their homes, on their property, etc..

Surveillance and evasive technologies to maintain privacy coevolve. The law is just one way through which individuals can fight against the continuous encroachment of technology, and those who put it in our personal spaces and to monitor movements and behavior as people always oppose public places between personal rendezvous. Other amazing means which people have invented include hairstyles which interrupt the technologies ’s capacity to detect faces, fashion accessories which perform similar feats, as well as in extreme instances, obtaining a fresh face entirely, literally as if one were in a spy thriller.

It’ll be intriguing to find out what legal challenges might emerge from the private sector to safeguard their rights to watch you omnipresently with facial recognition on top. Thus far the ACLU has come to the assistance of those trying to protect themselves from facial recognition. Protecting privacy equals protecting autonomy within an increasingly interconnected world. The capacity to surveil and also to punish, to discipline, to nudge, anything somebody wants to call that, only grows more powerful as people become more known to the controls.

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Resource: CNN

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