Production ramp-up the cause of poor QC – Elon Musk



Tesla vehicles are notoriously known for their quality control issues, and what does business CEO Elon Musk need to say about it? “Either purchase it right at the beginning or when production reaches a constant state,” that he had been quoted when reacting to automobile engineering adviser Sandy Munro, Autocar reports.

This ’s a fairly peculiar part of advice, coming from the CEO of a high value car company himself. “During this production ramp-up it’s super hard to be in vertical climb mode and get everything right on all the little particulars. So if you truly need items to be dialled, it’s either very early automobiles or after production has levelled off. This ’s when items will be the very best,” Musk explained.

Most common customer complaints incorporate inferior paint quality, irregular panel gaps, and water ingress. In reaction to the, Musk explained: “We did enhance our gap and paint quality to the end of last year – even through the course of December. We could focus on it and enhance it into a excellent thing. ”

Concerning the paint issue, the problem was that the paint didn’t find enough time to wash since the manufacturing line was moving too fast. Any automobiles built during those ramp-up phases were more likely to have problems, Musk noted. “Production is hell. Of any American startup car business, I think Tesla is the very first to attain volume production within 100 years, basically. ”

“So prototypes are, relatively speaking, easy and enjoyable, but attaining volume production using reliable parts and at a reasonable price is excruciatingly hard,” he added. Tesla sped up automobile manufacturing in 2020 in hopes of attaining its goal of 500,000 components , but the automaker narrowly missed the mark – it had been just shy of 450 automobiles.

Besides panel and paint gap issues, Tesla repeatedly made headlines last season when it announced that a recall for more than 130,000 Model X and Model S over an electrical issue, the failure of which could result in the loss of several key vehicle purposes.

Tesla is reportedly ramping up production of the Model Y in the US, prior to focusing on several other high-profile releases this season – the Semi lorry, Roadster sports car, and also contentious Cybertruck.

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