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Publicity Stunt? Tesla Creates ‘Bulletproof’ Cybertruck Tee


Regardless of what you thought about this Cybertruck show Tesla has several advertising and advertising personnel.

Tesla’s truck design still has a lot of folks. Back in the winter of 2019, Tesla debuted the Cybertruck, a contemporary truck much more indicative of a Transformer than your daddy ’s old pickup.

The Cybertruck video show featured a rundown of the truck’s features, such as a presentation of this “unbreakable” glass. Regrettably, the glass evaluation didn’t quite go according to program . Or did it?

Tesla’s “bulletproof” claim even though it promoted the glass to become strong also attached to the exterior of the truck. As the brand thought, Apparently, it s less strong.

Either way, Tesla isn’t allowing they are shaken by the fiasco that is glass-breaking It added the glass image to a Cybertruck shirt. The Cybertruck Tee ($35) is sold in men’s and girls ’s styles.  Cue a lot of web laughs and commentary.

T-shirt is bulletproof & makes un buff! https://t.co/wO0oAakclu pic.twitter.com/8k1WvVO1sm

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 14, 2020

Notice: Despite Elon Musk’s conversation, the T-shirt isn’t secure. And the irony in that’s hilarious.

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