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Renault’s Sharpening Up Its Electric Game, Zero-Emissions Twingo Comes Into Play


Renault’s smallest automobile, the Twingo, seems to be prepared to make the transition to battery-electric power.

This would allow it to challenge the likes of the Volkswagen e-Up! And other zero-emission A-segment hatchbacks out there. In case the report from Autocar turns out to be true, then the electric Twingo should appear as early as a year ago.

&ldquoWe initially planned to start an electric Twingo in the start and we saw that there were no [charging] stations, so we slowed down”, Renault’ merchandise preparation chief Ali Kassai informed the British book. “And we had Zoe and we all had rough plans for this. ”

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Electrifying the third-gen Twingo might have been easy, since it shares the same stage using Smart’therefore ForTwo and ForFour, both of which are being supplied with powertrains together with the ICE-powered variants. Renault even previewed the small EV that never went into production with the 2013 Twin’Z, a concept built on precisely the same architecture as the latest Twingo. The study utilized a rear-mounted electric motor that produced 50 kW (68 PS / / 67 hp), powered by a lithium-ion battery pack mounted under the ground.

The small hatchback really isn’t the sole electric car planned by Renault, as a larger model can be offered as a direct competitor to the Volkswagen ID.3 or Tesla Model 3. In totalthey would like to get eight vehicles in the lineup so they could get establish themselves.

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