Rescuers Help Feral Cat and Come Back to Find Her Kitten at Auto Shop



A feral cat mother who was found close to an auto shop was helped by A team of rescuers. They came back to find her kitten.

Lesley Lee @tnrnow

Two weeks ago, a worker from an auto shop in Los Angeles spotted a street cat outside of their store, but she was not alone. A tiny kitten who shared a stark similarity, followed right behind her.

They instantly reached out to TNR Now, a trap-neuter-return rescue team, and asked if they could help the small feline family.

Steve and Iris, a few from the rescue team, set out a fall trap in the area as a TNR rescue plan was underway. Find the kitten to safety and they expected to trap the cat mother.

Lesley Lee @tnrnow

The cat momma came back and went to the snare, but her kitten was hiding and refused to come out.

“He hid in the bushes where all the community cats sleep and hide, and never came out for the night,” Lesley Lee of TNR Now told Love Meow.

Lesley Lee @tnrnow

The couple returned to find the kitten. The tuxedo eventually showed up but took refuge inside a Tesla parked outside the store.

“If he decided to sleep in any of the cars, he could have been driven away or got hurt if he was in a wrong spot,” Lesley said. “We spoke with the shop owner and he was very supportive about getting the kitten to safety no matter what.”

Lesley Lee @tnrnow

“They needed to remove all the wheels the next day to do custom work, so the decision to save the kitten wasn’t hard. No one hesitated.”

The kitten tucked himself inside the car’s back axle. After carefully removing the tire, they realized that they would need to take off the panel at the wheel well to have the ability to reach to your kitty.

Lesley Lee @tnrnow

Iris reached in and grabbed the feisty kitty and immediately placed him in a carrier before he made another mad dash.

Lesley took him home so he could learn to adapt to an indoor life with humans, to foster. They named him Xavier and started him for Giardia, a parasite.

The hissy kitten wouldn’t let anyone near him at first, but that was about to change.

Lesley Lee @tnrnow

They began giving him cuddle sessions throughout the afternoon. He was held at given lots of face rubs and pets and a purrito.

Watch Xavier’s travel in this adorable video:

Kitten rescued from an auto store, thriving in foster care

After two days, he even begun to enjoy his or her company and calmed down.

“It really didn’t take long for him to get used to being spoiled and all the attention,” Lesley added.

Lesley Lee @tnrnow

“Xavier is a very loving boy now. He still gets scared with loud noises or sudden movements but he finally relaxed and slept a bit under my blanket last night.”

Lesley Lee @tnrnow

His feral mama was spayed and returned with caretakers who care for neighborhood cats daily to a colony that was secure.

In a few more weeks, the small kitty that is feisty will be prepared to be neutered and put up for adoption.

Lesley Lee @tnrnow

They never expected to come to a cat colony and take a Tesla apart to rescue a sick kitten.

“We simply let our compassion guide us to do the right thing. Welcome to indoor life, little Xavier!”

Lesley Lee @tnrnow

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