Home News Rivian HQ gets an inside look in run-up to NY Auto Show appearance

Rivian HQ gets an inside look in run-up to NY Auto Show appearance

Rivian HQ gets an inside look in run-up to NY Auto Show appearance

Since its introduction from the shadows at the LA Auto Show this past year, Rivian has been drumming up excitement for its brand of outdoor experience vehicles, the R1T truck and R1S SUV. The outdoor adventure company now has its sights set on an appearance at the New York International Auto Show next week at which the expanding Rivian community and fan base will get an updated look at what’s to come. With this event in mind, Rivian teased another interesting photo of its R1T in social media, said to be on the way to New York with a “frunk full of.

Frunk full of snacks. Ready for an East Coast experience. See you soon @NYAutoShow. pic.twitter.com/PEEnbUFKpE

— Rivian (@Rivian) April 11, 2019

A public TV station local to Rivian’s Plymouth, Michigan facility, One Detroit, recently had an interior look at what the startup has in the works nowadays and interviewed founder RJ Scarange as well as others on the team.

“To give customers a reason to pick a new kind of vehicle from a new brand, we will need to make something that’s demonstrably better,” Scarange told the interviewer in response to comments about Tesla’s existence as a competitor and the uphill climb facing newcomers from the auto market. Brian Gase, Chief Engineer at Rivian, expanded on how that goal is being addressed by the company.

Rivian founder RJ Scaringe talks about the firm ’s unique offerings in an interview hosted by One Detroit. | Credit: One Detroit

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“We want to make sure this can do everything your truck can do. We can tow the 10,000 pounds, we can pull your trailer, we can go up a 100% mountain because we want you to get out and have an experience and go see the world,” he said, also pointing to the tiny details Rivian gives attention to that add up to a general unique, satisfying experience for an operator.

Gase said his favorite characteristic of the R1T is the truck’s Gear Tunnel, an equipment storage space that runs the entire width of the pickup truck and is unique to Rivian’s vehicles. Additionally, he pointed out that the flashlights situated inside Rivian car doors are powered by the very same batteries that power the vehicles.

The Rivian R1T and R1S are full of persuasive, somewhat “concealed ” attributes that include up to a luxury adventure experience aimed at swaying customers over to the firm ’s brand. Double LiDAR, a suite of detectors, radarsensors, and GPS technologies are already installed in the trucks and SUVs to permit for Level 3 Self-Driving on highways. Ports, 110V outlets, and an air compressor are also contained in the R1T beds. Together with a 400+ mile battery range and advanced battery extension packs and modular components, Rivian’s attention to detail seems set to take a very competitive edge against its future peers in the business.

At a run-up to Rivian’s look at the NY Auto Show, reservation holders were invited to attend a private viewing at a local auto club complete with cocktails and greetings by the firm ’s executives and design team. The building excitement for the brand has since led to attendees being grouped into time slots for the viewing due to attendance expectations. Although production of this R1T and R1S isn’t expected to start until 2020, the nascent Rivian community is responding well to the company.

Watch One Detroit’s look at Rivian’s Plymouth centre below:

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