Rivian’s self-driving future in focus at Amazon’s re:MARS 2019 event



Rivian is attending Amazon’s :MARS 2019 event this week, an information and networking seminar sponsored by the online giant focused on artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and other related Earth and space technologies, such as self-driving.

The most recent research, scientific progress, and industry innovations are shared throughout four-days of networking, keynotes, and information sessions, and speakers from companies such as Walt Disney Imagineering and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory are on the program. The event takes place from June 4-7 in the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Amazon re:MARS Twitter account posted a tweet announcing Rivian’s look, which was then retweeted by CEO RJ Scaringe. “What happens when you combine a desire for experience with automotive technician and AI? Meet the planet ’s Electric Adventure Vehicle in #reMARS to find out,” it said. The tweet was tagged with “#alexaauto”, possibly suggesting Rivian’s addition of Amazon’s Alexa voice helper in its upcoming R1T truck along with R1S SUV. Another electric vehicle maker has opted for this route – China’s Byton has Alexa integrated into its automobile functioning system.

What happens when you combine a desire for experience with automotive technician and AI? Meet the planet ’s Electric Adventure Vehicle in #reMARS to find out: https://t.co/41ICnYmPNN #alexaauto @Rivian pic.twitter.com/gRG2kZh3mI

— Amazon re:MARS (@AmazonreMARS) June 2, 2019

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Re:MARS stands for Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space, and the event is explained on its own site as follows:

“re:MARS brings together advanced minds with varied skill sets who discuss an inventors soul, a contractors mindset, and a desire to use AI to begin change and shape the future. The event is intended for industry leaders and specialized contractors (including programmers, engineers, data scientists, ML [machine learning] specialists, along with roboticists) who translate customer issues into real-world tech solutions using AI. ”

Given :MARS’s description, Rivian’s plans for such as self-driving in its own R1T and R1S make its existence particularly relevant to the attention of the occasion. The radar and camera hardware on Rivian’s manufacturing vehicles will be capable of Level 3 autonomous driving that’s upgradable via in-built applications updates. The first vehicles will ship Level 2 capabilities and use data gathered from its customers’ forcing sent to the cloud to develop its own Level 3 transition.

Amazon has also invested heavily into Aurora, also a self-driving startup directed by ex-Tesla along with ex-Google executives, along with also an information session hosted by the firm as part of this re:MARS event. Rivian’s self-driving plans may possibly cross with Aurora’s freedom improvements as both businesses share an Amazon company linkage. The description of the Aurora data session would be as follows:

“The Future of Self-Driving Technology: Aurora is advancing self-driving technology with all the Aurora Driver, the computer system which powers and coordinates signals from its understanding system to control vehicles of different makes, models and classes. Hear from Aurora to understand the role of AI in self-driving technology along with the longstanding consequences of self-driving cars as time goes on. ”

An Overview of re:MARS’s technician showcase location shows Rivian mingled with Alexa & iRobot | Smart Home, and Cybic, an electric bike firm using Amazon’s Alexa electronic assistant.

Amazon’s :MARS technician showcase map. | Image: Amazon

Amazon’s $700 million dollar investment into Rivian also probably plays a role in Rivian’s look in re:MARS. CEO Jeff Bezos recently called the electric vehicle industry as “intriguing ” and said he was excited to take part in its improvements along with vehicle connectivity. Specifically speaking about Rivian, he complimented Scaringe, saying that he ’s “one of the very missionary entrepreneurs I’t ever met. ”

RJ Scaringe has made reference to Rivian’s automobiles hosting self-guided tours designed like those seen in the classic 90s film Jurassic Park. Given Amazon’s investment at the all-electric startup along with the car manufacturer ’s subsequent look for an Alexa-focused event, perhaps the Rivian AI tour manual obtained ’t be modeled after a traditional Hollywood actor and narrator after all, a concept which was admittedly driven by creativity to begin with. “The voice you ever ’re hearing is how Richard Kiley. Heh, we’ve spared no cost! ” Richard Hammond, the fictional owner of Jurassic Park, exclaims in the movie while the tour group advanced through the jungle exhibits. Alexa, take me to the Tyrannosaurus rex, anybody?

Even though Rivian’s existence at Amazon’s :MARS event hasn’t yet produced several details to support any speculations, it’s in least a nod towards the firm ’s fascinating, technology-driven future.

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