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Robert Kubica Shows What An F1 Driver Can Do In A Rented BMW M4 At The ‘Ring


We all have seen countless onboard videos of people driving really fast on the Nurburgring but watching an F1 driver going at it in a rented BMW M4 is simply a thing you need to witness.

Robert Kubica randomly showed up at Apex Nürburg, asking if he can rent one of their cars for some laps at the German track and Misha Charoudin didn’t miss the chance of sitting next to him to capture his insane speed.

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The Pole, who’s currently Alfa Romeo’s test and reserve driver in F1 and competes in DTM, says he had little real-life experience at the Nurburgring but that didn’t stop him from driving this M4 on its absolute limit when the track ahead was empty.

Kubica is without a doubt one of the most talented drivers of his generation, and watching him casually drive the wheels off a BMW M4 in a place like Nurburgring is jaw-dropping, to say the least, and a reminder of the different skill level a modern F1 driver possesses.

You can almost feel sorry for the BMW M4 here, huffing and puffing under Kubica’s command as it plows through the demanding track, riding those kerbs at full speed. Track sections where a casual Touristenfahrten driver lifts off, are flat out here, with the traffic simply serving as a small break for us to catch our breaths.

It’s true; F1 drivers are truly on another level so let this video be a reminder to the rest of us.



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