Roundup: ‘A Star is Born’ Robbed at the Oscars; Dumb College Basketball Suspension; & NFL Combine Week is Here



Lady Gaga, because ‘A Star is Born’ got robbed at the Oscars … R. Kelly didn’t have the $100,000 needed to post bond; he also owes about $162,000 in child support … feels like an important read, wonder if people running news and sports will read it: “In Race to Beat Netflix, Studios Give Up Billions In Profits” … haven’t had all these french fries but totally agree that McDonald’s probably has the best and In-N-Out is near the bottom (but totally disagree with Chil-Fil-A’s ranking) … “There are more than 20 towns in America called Moscow. Why is that?” … there’s a Tesla Model 3 easter egg fart … “Naked man arrested at Planet Fitness thought it was ‘judgment-free zone‘” …

How dumb. An Iowa announcer was suspended for saying that Maryland’s “Bruno Fernando was King Kong at the end of the game.” Uh, he was. [Hawk Central]

An album I always thought was overrated, ‘Slim Shady,’ turns 20. Here’s an oral history. [Free Press]

RIP baseball writer Nick Cafardo, who died of an embolism at Spring Training last week. [Globe]

Under-the-radar NFL combine prospects. []

“Police stop truck for going too slow on Pennsylvania Turnpike, find over 500 pounds of marijuana inside.” [WTAE]

This is a very powerful story on Trent Dilfer, and how he decided to be a high school football coach in Tennessee. [Tennessean]

The Knicks asked for Marvin Bagley and De’Aaron Fox in exchange for Kristaps Porzingis at the deadline. That’s funny. Why would anyone do that deal? [NYT Newsletter]

Rhode Island assistant coach John Carroll was hospitalized Sunday. [Providence Journal]

According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, there’s never been a safer time to play high school football. Interesting press release here that gets to attendance in the 3rd paragraph. [NFHS]

Tell me again how A Star is Born did not sweep the Oscars?

The Knicks snapped an 18-game home winning streak with a stunning win over the struggling Spurs.

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