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Saturday links: being great at everything


AutosAutomakers are adding AWD to sedans to compete with SUVs. (bloomberg.com)Tesla ($TSLA) wants to sell its car owners insurance. (wsj.com)Owning a car is increasingly becoming a luxury. (economist.com)EnergyThe UK just went a week without burning coal for power. (cnn.com)James Dyson wants the UK to ban ICE cars. (ft.com)EnvironmentEven the Federal Reserve is bracing for climate change. (wsj.com)Humans are helping to drive reductions in biodiversity and increasing species extinction. (nytimes.com)Jeremy Grantham has pledged his fortune to his ecological foundation. (ft.com)Air transportation Delta ($DAL) is testing free wi-fi on certain flights. (wsj.com)Fight climate change with higher taxes on air travel. (thisismoney.co.uk)Science A Q&A with Steve Brusatte author of “The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World.” (theverge.com)WTF is ‘superionic ice’? (quantamagazine.org)HealthCVS ($CVS) needs to be the Geek Squad for healthcare. (fastcompany.com)There’s nothing good about noise pollution. (newyorker.com)Sunscreen chemicals soak into your blood. (wired.com)Obesity is increasingly a problem for rural residents. (washingtonpost.com)FitnessAll action is fantastic activity. (washingtonpost.com)In praise of exercising in colder temperatures. (nytimes.com)PsilocybinDenver has decriminalized the possession of psilocybin. (wsj.com)A fan of psilocybin thinks we shouldn’t rush into decriminalization. (nytimes.com)Is psilocybin likely to follow the path to legalization marijuana did? (npr.org)FoodHow Chick-fil-A grew so fast. (wsj.com)America has fake meat mania. (bloomberg.com)On the hazards of making homemade kombucha. (wsj.com)DrinkBoston Beer ($SAM) is purchasing Dogfish Head Brewery. (bloomberg.com)The world is expected to drink more over time. (qz.com)The 15 best gins at the moment. (esquire.com)MediaDisney ($DIS) isn’t skimping on content for Disney+. (wsj.com)Fox ($FOXA) is getting into the sports gambling industry. (bloomberg.com)Inside the Netflix ($NFLX) vs. Cannes feud. (ft.com)KidsHow young, is too young, for ride sharing? (wsj.com)Esther Wojcicki, author of”How to Raise Successful People: Simple Lessons for Radical Results” needs parents to chill out. (ft.com)Post-collegeWhy parents struggle to offer good career advice in the new market. (wsj.com)There’s a big difference between a job and a profession. (fastcompany.com)Cybersecurity jobs increasingly don’t require a four-year degree. (wsj.com)Ten good tips for newcomers to New York City (or any big city). (bonefidewealth.com)Earlier on Abnormal ReturnsLongform links: dividing Big Tech. (abnormalreturns.com)What you missed in our Friday linkfest. (abnormalreturns.com)Podcast connections: data-driven parenting. (abnormalreturns.com)We’re giving away copies of “Making Money Simple”! (abnormalreturns.com)Part one of our Q&A with Peter Lazaroff author of”Making Money Simple.” (abnormalreturns.com)Part two of our Q&A with Peter Lazaroff author of “Making Money Simple.” (abnormalreturns.com)Mixed mediaIn what world is Jack Dorsey a wellness expert? (ft.com)How technology can help us sleep better. (collaborativefund.com)Why everybody loves Dr. Bronner’s soap. (vox.com)

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