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Scott Hanselman’s 2021 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows


Can you believe it’s been years because my last Tools listing ? Programs have changed, a lot are on line, but frankly, it’s only a LOT OF WORK to do the tools record. But here’s one for 2020-2021. These are the resources in my Utils folder. I left a :\dropbox\utils folder and I added it on my PATH. That way it’s on all my computers and in my route on all my computers and I will access some of them immediately.

Here is the Updated to 2020-21 Version of my 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2014 List, and currently subsumes all my lists. I’ve been doing so for over 17 years. Wow. I want to do better, I figure. 

Everyone collects utilities, and most folks have a list of a few that they feel are indispensable.  Here’s mine.  Each has a different purpose, and I probably touch each at least a few times a week.  For me,”util” means utilitarian and it means don’t clutter my tray.  If it saves me time, and seamlessly integrates with my life, then it’s the bomb. Many/most are free some aren’t. Those which aren’t free are very likely worth your 30-day trial, and quite likely worth your money.

These are all well loved and oft-used utilities.  I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t use them continuously. Matters on this listing are here because I dig . Nobody paid money to be on this record and no money is accepted to be about this list.

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Please Link to http://hanselman.com/tools when viewing the Most Recent Hanselman Ultimate Tools List. Feel free to get involved here at the comments, post hints, or ideas for future admissions. I very likely made mistakes, and probably forgot a few utilities that I use frequently.


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Windows Subsystem for Linux – It truly can’t be uncertain how WSL/WSL2 has put the cherry on top of Windows 10. It runs on any build 20262 or greater as it was recently backported and it is integration with Windows is excellent. It is also WAY faster than running a VM. Go learn more about my YouTube Windows Terminal – Finally Windows includes a terminal. You can run cubes like Command Prompt, PowerShell, and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Its most important features include many panes, tabs, Unicode and also UTF-8 character support, a GPU fast text rendering engine, along with the ability to create your own topics and customize text, colors, backgrounds, and also shortcuts. It also comprises a pseudo-console so 3rd party Terminals like hyper, conemu, terminus and more work better! Windows PowerToys – They return and they should be built in to Windows. Install them and get a colour picker, fancy zones, file explorer addons, picture resizers, keyboard supervisor and remapper, an Apple Spotlight-like running in the form of PowerToyrs Run, both the Shortcut Guide and more! Additionally test out Ueli as a Terrific launcher/spotlight for Windows! VS Code – Visual Studio Code is hella quick and is my own goto text and code editor. I still use notepad occasionally and I’m in full Visual Studio a whole great deal, however, VS Code is like the Tesla of code editors. Take a Look at My Favorite VS Code Extensions below. PowerShell/OhMyPosh/PoshGit/Cascadia Code – I’ve had a blast this year taking my games prompt to another level. Try out these out but also seem at Starship. No matter what you do, play! Do not accept the defaults! ZoomIt – A real timeless but also the reply to the #1 issue I’m asked. How can you draw on the display when you are sharing your display? ZoomIt has been THAT TOOL in my arsenal. Take some time and learn how to do arrows, boxes, colors and more and you’ll be a better screen-sharer. In reality, just go get the whole SysInternals package and set it all on your PATH. Winget – It’s apt-get for Windows. Comparable to choco that I’ve used in the past, WinGet is going to be included in Windows 10 and has a ton of nice features. I use it to set up a machine in an hour from the control line, versus per day before doing it manually. Simply add your MSA (Microsoft login) into the Package Manager Insiders Program and receive it from the Store. It is bundled with the Windows App Installer. Then simply”winget search ” and winget set up anything! QuickLook – Free from the Windows Store, simply highlight a file in Explorer and press Space to get a preview! Remarkable .NET and Developer utilities

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CodeTrack – CodeTrack is a free .NET Performance Profiler and Execution Analyzer. It works on basically every edition of .NET and can give you enormous insight into the way the code is running! The flamegraph opinion is excellent. It is free but you should donate as it’s a one-person amazing app! LINQPad – Interactively query your databases together with LINQ using this tool out of Joseph Albahari. A fantastic learning tool for those that are only getting into LINQ or even for those who want a code snippet IDE to execute almost any C# or even VB expression. Free and lovely. WinMerge – WinMerge only gets better and better. It is completely free, it’s open source and it’s going compare files and folders and help you unite your conflicted source code files just like a champ. Additionally see Perforce Visual Merge that free and also can diff images, which is fairly incredible. WinDbg – Low-level and timeless but also fresh and new! WinDbg (Wind-bag? ) ) Is currently in the Windows Store using ALL NEW VISUALS and more! Insomnia along with Nightingale are all Fantastic options to Postman for doing REST APIs! NuGet Package Explorer – This app allows browsing NuGet packages via an internet feed and seeing contents of the packages WireShark – What’s happening on the cable! WireShark understands! GitHub Desktop – Gits, ahemout of the way! See my Git 101 on YouTube! Useful Windows Utilities That Ought to Be built in

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Ear Trumpet – Fantastic advanced quantity controller for Windows! If you’ve ever wished that quantity on Windows could turn their UI up to 11, Ear Trumpet is this app. Teracopy – While I utilize the excellent built in replicate features of Windows 10 the most, when I want to move a LOT of documents as FAST as possible, nothing surpasses TeraCopy, an app that does just that – move stuff fast. The queue controller is excellent. AutoHotKey – This small stone is bananas. It is a little, amazingly fast free open-source utility for Windows. It allows you to automate everything in keystrokes into mice. Programming for non-programmers. It is a complete automation program for Windows with no frustration of VBScript. Here is the Windows equivalent of AppleScript for Windows. (That’s an excellent thing. 7-Zip – It’s more than 7zip won. Time to get on board. Even the 7z format is fast becoming the compression format which choosey hardcore users select. You’ll usually get between 2 percent and 10% greater compression than ZIP. This app integrates into Windows Explorer nicely and opens basically EVERYTHING you could ever wish to open from TARs into ISOs, from RARs into CABs. Paint.NET – The Paint Program that Microsoft forgot, written in .NET. It is 80% of Photoshop and it’s free. Pay to support the author by obtaining the Windows Store version AND it will auto-update! It is just $1, that is an unreal value. NimbleText – Regular Expressions are tough and I’m not too smart. NimbleText enables me to do crazy stuff with large quantities of text without it hurting a lot. Markdown Monster – While I love VSCode, Markdown Monster does something incredibly well. Markdown. Fiddler – The simple, clean, and strong debugging proxy for checking out HTTP between there and here. It even supports Allergic SSL traffic. NirSoft Utilities Collection – Nearly everything NirSoft does is worth considering. My favorites are MyUninstaller, a substitute for Remove Programs, and WhoIsThisDomain. Ditto Clipboard Manager – WindowsKey+V is awesome and shut but Ditto keeps pushing clipboard management forward on Windows. TaskbarX – It literally centers your Taskbar buttons. I love it. Open Source but also $1 in the Windows Store. Should you truly want to mess with your Taskbar, attempt Taskbar Tweaker. ShellEx View – Your Explorer’s right click menu is cluttered, and this can help you unclutter it! OneCommander along with Midnight Commander along with Altap Salamander – As a long time Norton Commander user (google that!) There is a whole great deal of good”reimaginings” of the Windows File Explorer. OneCommander along with Altap Salamander does this, and Midnight Commander does it to get the control line/CLI. WinDirStat – A timeless but nevertheless essential. What is taking up all the space? Spoiler – It’s Call of Duty. Also attempt SpaceSniffer! FileSeek and Everything – Search Everything, immediately! I like Win+Share+S for Screenshots but also check out ShareX, Greenshot, and Lightshot For animated Gifs, attempt screen2gif or LICEcap! Alt-Tab Terminator – Takes your Alt-Tab into another level with enormous previews and lookup PureText – PureText pastes plain text, just, clearly. Free and magnificent. Thanks Steve Miller I still FTP and SCP and SFTP and I utilize WinSCP to do it! It is completely free or only $10 to receive it from the Windows Store and encourage the author! VLC Player – The very best and still the ideal. Plays everything, everywhere. PSReadline – Makes PowerShell longer Bashy in the best way. Yori and all Malcolm Smith’s Utilities – Yori is a reimagning of cmd.exe! Visual Studio Code Extensions

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There is a thousand fantastic Visual Studio Extensions. The ones I like won’t function as that ones you want. However, go explore.

GitLens – Glorious. Only makes Git and VS a joy and adds a thousand tiny lovely qualities that will make you smile. You’ll wonder why this isn’t built in. Version Lens – Do you have the latest package versions? Nowadays you understand CodeSnap – Screenshots specially tailored to make your code look nice. .NET Core Test Explorer – Makes device testing with. NET on VS Code a lot nicer Arduino to get VS Code – The Arduino extension makes it easy to create, build, deploy and debug your Arduino sketches in Visual Studio Code! So great. Coverage Gutters – This incredible extension highlights exactly what code is coated with Unit Test and what is not. Ryan is looking for aid , so see if this is a fantastic OSS job YOU can get started with! Docker for VS Code – Container explorer along with director and deployer, directly from VS GitHistory – Another wonderful add-on for Git that shows that the Git Log HexDump – I want this more than I would love to acknowledge LiveShare – Stop screen-sharing and commence code and context sharing! PowerShell for VS – A excellent substitute for the PowerShell ISE Remote Containers – This is an AMAZING EXTENSION you need to try in case you’ve Docker but it’s a horrible non-descriptive name. But has to be seen to be believed. Perhaps it’s”Visual Studio Development Containers,” I’m unsure. Open a folder and attach to a development container. No setup, only you debugging Rust, Go, C#, anything whilst installing NOTHING. Amazing. Remote SSH – Another from the VS Remote Family of Extensions, this one lets you use any remote SSH Server as your development environment. Remote WSL – Edit and debug and build code from Windows. . .using Linux! And finally, Yoncé, my present VS Code theme. Beyoncé motivated. Things I enjoy

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RescueTime – Are you really successful? Have you been spending time on which you will have to be spending time on? RescueTime keeps track of what it is you are doing and lets you know just that using reports that are amazing. Very very good stuff if you are trying to GTD and TCB. ; Carnac – This excellent small open source utility shows the hotkey’s you are pressing as you push themshowing up as small overlays from the corner. I use it during programming demonstrations. DOSBox – When you are off drifting in 64-bit super-Windows-10-Pro land, sometimes you forget that there ARE some previous apps you can’t run anymore today that DOS isn’t actually there. Input DOSBox, an x86 DOS Emulator! Whew, now I can play Bard’s Tale from 1988 on Windows 10 in 2021! Check out Gog.com for Plenty of DOSBox powered classics

Oh , and finally Windows Sandbox – You already have this and didn’t even know it! You are able to wind up in SECONDS a duplicate of your Windows 10 machine in a safe sandbox and if you shut it, it’s gone. Poof. Great for testing weird instruments and utilities which some rando to a website asks you to download.

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