Select Tesla Model 3 Test Drives Paused In China After First Tester Crashes



Tesla has temporarily suspended test drives of the Model 3 in Shenzen, China following a crash.

Teslarati reports that prior to starting local deliveries of the Model 3, Tesla has been offering test drivers of its most affordable vehicle but in range-topping Model 3 Performance guise. One of the first test drives last week didn’t end very well.

Twitter user JayinShanghai revealed that the person driving the Tesla Model 3 Performance crashed the electric sedan while trying it out. An image and video of the crashed Tesla reveal that it sustained a hefty amount of damage and appears to have smashed into a pole. Parts that will need to be replaced include the bumper, hood, and headlights.

At the time of the crash, the Model 3 Performance in question was the only car of its kind offered for test drivers in the Shenzen area, forcing the automaker to pause all test drivers. However, it has since been reported that another Model 3 Performance was swiftly delivered to Shenzen as a replacement. The local Tesla dealer has started taking test drive appointments with this new Model 3.

Although the Tesla Model 3 may be the car manufacturer’s most affordable vehicle, it is exceptionally potent in Performance guise. Powered by two electric motors and an all-wheel drive system, the Model 3 Performance can reach 62 mph (100 km/h) in just over three seconds and run a sub-12 second quarter mile. It’s also capable of out-performing BMW M3s at Laguna Seca.

First Tesla Model 3 Performance Crash in China. Test Drive Car in Shenzhen, 3.5 second (0-100Km/h) isn’t for everyone. Photo credit to 新出行小编 via Weibo #Tesla #TeslaChina #Model3Performance #TeslaCrash #特斯拉

— JayinShanghai (@ShanghaiJayin) February 7, 2019

Model 3 test car crashed and all test drive in Shenzhen got cancelled /facepalm. Video from local WeChat group

— Kelvin Yang (@KelvinYang7) February 7, 2019

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