Select Tesla Superchargers To Cap Vehicle Charge To 80 Per Cent



Tesla is introducing a string of charging limitations at a few of its own Supercharger channels across the United States.

Electrek were also tipped off to an internal memo sent to Tesla workers a week, which demonstrated that automobiles plugged will be restricted to 80 per cent bill at high-traffic channels in an attempt to decrease charge waiting times. Tesla states 17 per cent of Supercharger sites throughout the country will be affected, 8 per cent of that is capped in any respect times while the additional 9 per cent will have the charging limit only during periods of heavy use.

“80% SOC Limit will be enforced 24/7 at all sites that are impacted. Please be aware, some sites will have 80% SOC limitations enforced on a permanent basis while some will simply be enforced on federal holidays and to adapt large regional events (e.g. Coachella),” the memo read.

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The electric car manufacturer says that the cap on charging, combined with other updates, will enhance throughput at popular Supercharger channels.

“When coupled with the recently released On-Route Battery Warmup feature and V2 Supercharger upgrades (to 150 kW), we expect 80% SOC Limit enforcement to end in a 34 percent increase in throughput at our busiest Supercharging locations — creating a greater, more efficient Supercharging experience for our owners. ”

While it may be annoying to not be able to receive a 100 per cent fee at certain locations, Electrek notes that the feature shouldn’t negatively affect those using Tesla vehicles for long journeys. According to the company, the car will rout drivers to some Supercharger station capable of providing enough charge to finish the excursion entered to the vehicle’s navigation.

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