Several Teslas suspected of being deliberately set on fire in Sweden



Several Teslas parked at the premises of the electrical vehicle manufacturer ’s Malmö, Sweden place appear to have been set on fire. Authorities who reacted to the episode have commented that the episode appears to have been the result of arson. An analysis is now underway. 

The flame was initially reported night , also when police arrived at the Tesla place, they discovered multiple electrical vehicles which were ablaze. Interestingly , the cars which were burning were parked in several unique places. 

Magnus Köhlin, a rescue leader using the Rescue Service South, noted in a statement to the region where the burning vehicles were discovered covered about 300-400 square meters (3,200 to 4,300 square feet). 

Staff from local fire and rescue operations participated in extinguishing the blaze. Initially, it appeared that Tesla’s Malmö place itself had been at risk of being captured in the flames. Luckily, firefighters could control the flames until there was any valid risk to the Tesla revenue and support center. 

7-8 cars set on fire at Tesla centre in Malmö, Sweden. Automobiles spread out over 300-400 sqm – probably arson, fire chief says.

— Johan Höök (@Xanderhook1) October 20, 2020

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&ldquoWe have concentrated on the cars which were closest to the construction to decrease the possibility of spreading to the assumptions. When we managed to put the flame, we could put the other car fires,” the rescue officer noted in a statement to local websites. 

While the vehicle fires were contained, officials promptly sent out a message to the people advocating them to take extra precautions. The fire personnel also noted they were particularly careful during their operations, so they would not inhale any harmful fumes from the vehicles. 

So far, the origin of the flames remains cloudy. However, Köhlin commented the fires appear to have been deliberately started. “I have a hard time seeing that there are really no natural causes, but the police identification has to say that,” he explained. 

Authorities, for their part, have been at the scene of the fires, along with a crime scene analysis was started. “A record was made of critical damage by fire,” obligation officer Conny Strömberg said. 

Despite the rather high number of Teslas which were set on fire, no injuries are reported relating to this episode. 

A video of this episode in Tesla’s Malmö place could be looked at below.

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