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Simone Giertz’s converted Tesla Model 3 pickup truck is wonderful


YouTuber Simone Giertz, renowned DIY Creator, roboticist and general manufacturer of cool things, decided not to wait around for Tesla’s forthcoming pickup truck. She purchased a Tesla Model 3 straight from the firm new and subsequently utilized elbow grease, ingenuity, some assistance from friends and energy tools to turn it to some two-seater with a flatbed.

The awesome thing isthat unlike a number of those robots Giertz is renowned for creating, the final product seems excellent — both regarding the detail work and in terms of its functionality. Giertz also installed a cage over the truck bed, and a tailgate which can double as a work chair. Plus, since you can see with that fake commercial to the so called “Truckla,” the thing still rips both on and off-road.

Together with her team, Giertz rented a dedicated workshop to perform the construct, which took approximately two weeks along with a lot of sawing in the metallic chassis. The team needed to reconstruct crucial elements like the roll cage to make certain the finished product was still safe.

There’s work to get carried out concerning waterproofing, lifting up the automobile, which makes it a paint makeover and more, per Giertz, however the finished product looks great, and better than whatever sci-fi nightmare Elon Musk is putting together to get the actual Tesla pickup.

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