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Simple Acrylic Plates Make Kirlian Photography a Breeze


We know, we all understand – “Kirlian photography” is a phrase loaded with bags that is pseudoscientific. Paranormal researchers have longed claimed that Kirlian photography can learn more about the mood or psychological condition of a subject an energy field stated to emanate and encircle from most living things. It’s ’s straight-up nonsense, naturally, but that doesn’t detract from the beauty of plasma aficionado [Jay Bowles]’ images produced by capacitive coupling along with corona release .

Technically, what [Jay] is performing here is not quite Kirlian photography. The timeless set up for “electrophotography” is a sandwich of film, a glass plate, and a metallic ground plate. An item having a high-frequency power supply is placed in addition to the sandwich, along with the film is exposed by the corona release. [Jay]’s version is a chamber made from 2 pieces of oil and full of water. A bolt involving the oil panes conducts current in the Tesla coil – perhaps that one that people ’ve showcased before – into the water. A gorgeous purple corona discharge flows out of the item, If something is set on the oil.

It s an eerie effect, and it’s easy to find out how people attribute mystical properties to it and may see an aura. In the long run, however, it’s ’s much different than touching a plasma globe, and just about as safe. Feeling a little more harmful? Corona release is a terrific means to make art, both in wood and in oil .

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