Social Media Marketing for IT Consultants: Take the Un-Boring Angle



RecentlyI read an post from Neil Patel where he asserts that B2B is unsuccessful on social media because it’s boring. He argued that social media professionals will need to find an “unboring” angle to relate to. He uses the example of vivarium misting systems which are used at zoos, theme parks, and universities. Maybe it’s only me, but actually doesn’t even sound boring to start with. He asserts that the social profiles must focus on sustainability conservation and research.

Let’therefore be honest, here. Vivarium misting systems might not be as sexy as a Tesla, however it’therefore sure a heck of a lot easier than discovering an unboring angle to your typical IT adviser. I’m here to tell you to not give up hope on your social media profiles and an unboring angle does exist.

Let’s walk through how to use Patel’s theory of the unboring angle to get social media marketing for IT consultants.

Step 1: Start with Your Company Values

Each unboring angle should be company-specific. It must relate to a business culture, values, and outreach programs. If your competition has a really good unboring angle–don’t dare steal it. Chances are it ’t even use to who you really are as a corporation.

If you’re preparing to build your unboring angle, start with your business values. What does your mission statement concentrate on? By way of instance, if your own assignment statement is employee-centric and concentrates on making the ideal work-family, maybe your unboring angle would be the employee culture at your workplace. Folks today come on social media to connect with other people and build connections. By providing your audience an behind-the-scenes perspective of your organization, you’re generating connections between potential customers and who they could be working with.

Other firms may appreciate community outreach and give back to the local soup kitchen or various nonprofits. Craft your social media platforms about that. Host a #FeatureFriday for local charities and ask for donations for their causes. Work with community nonprofits to involve your employees in soup kitchen volunteer times. Take photographs and put them on your own webpage.

At this point, you might be requesting, “What the heck does this have to do with marketing to get IT? Is asking for contributions to your community charity really going to get me customers? ”

It all comes down to the mixture of articles. Like baking a good cake, then you need the right mixture of ingredients to create a truly unboring social media presence. The ratio I have a tendency to use has just 10% of articles as a direct CTA to products and solutions. 40 percent must concentrate on your blogs and thought leadership content, yet a different 20 percent must come from breaking news, and also the previous 30 percent must concentrate on your unboring angle. With the right mixture of content, you can broaden your audience with normally engaging articles and still target your particular niche to develop lead generation and branding.

Step 2: Look at Your Location

Are you currently a locally-focused B2B business? Afterward your social media marketing for IT consultants should reflect that. Become involved with your local community’s social media presence. Showcase local occasions, highlight community news, and, best of all, really be active in your area. Host work events at local breweries or invite employees to create a group for charity events occurring in your city.

Using your location as an unboring angle is advantageous in a number of ways. It highlights your location so potential customers know where your service area is. You’re able to tap into a preexisting digital community which should welcome you with open arms. You can also integrate your offline marketing and promotion for IT consultants with your online one. By consolidating your physical existence with your on line one, you can compound your own results.

Step 3: Analyze Your Target Market

Are you currently in a location lacking community and aren’t even feeling motivated by your organization ’s values? First off, fix this second one. Your organization must prioritize values along with a mission statement together with significance. But in the event that you still can’t even locate an angle step one or step 2, examine your target industry. This comes a little closer to what Neil Patel was referring to originally. From the vivarium misting program illustration, the unboring angle came from a tangential subject that both the target audience and a wider audience would be considering.

For an IT adviser, the fruit is ripe for the picking with this one. If one of the solutions is to concentrate on regulations and compliance, have a worldwide angle and also discuss how altering regulations in the business impact the everyday small company. It is possible to expand this to talk about data privacy regulations and anything and everything related to current government laws.

On the other hand, if your focus is on data centers and private line internet, discussing recent cybersecurity breaches is a excellent unboring angle to pick. These security breaches affect everyone and anyone. Moreoverit’s a thing which every company owner concerns about. Use your social media profiles to talk about breaking news, analytical tips, and the latest security hacks.

Step 4: Authenticity is Always Unboring

In case you’t completed steps one through three and still can’t even locate your special unboring angle, concentrate on being genuine . Show pictures of your employees at work (with their permission ), take your audience on a possible tour throughout the workplace, showcase the everyday ups and downs of being a true part of your organization.

It’s much better to receive your customers involved. Take photographs with them at their workplace and talk about what you’re doing for them (double-check if this is enabled, based on the industry). Let your employees bring in the workplace dog and take a few pictures of Fido around the workplace. Don’t even be fearful of the joys of everyday life. There ’s an empty coffee cup and a couple of scattered papers on somebody ’s desk in your movie. Don’t stress out about it. If your workplace appears too perfect, it comes across as fake. Among the secrets to social media marketing for IT consultants is to be really authentic — not inauthentically ideal.

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