Swell Investing Review: Make Money and Support a Good Cause



Have you heard the most up-to-date in investing?

“Robo-advisors” are all the rage for most all investors in 2018 – 2019.

But which one is best for you?

There’s Wealthsimple that allows you to spend up to or as little, as you would like.

There’s M1 Finance free of management or trading charges. (Yup, FREE)

And don’forget Acorns, Stash, along with the myriad of different options thrown .

Each of these choices can be a bit overwhelming.

But, If You’re waiting for me to tell you which you can select …

…it ain’t gont occur!

That’s for YOU to decide

Since no 2 robo-advisors are made equal, you want to educate yourself at least a couple of options.

But Rather than scouring the World Wide Web…

…you are in luck because class is in session!

We’ve spent hours analyzing and reviewing several robo-advisors for you.

However, to save you the trouble of reading a post that does not suit you…

…please, take a moment to answer the questionnaire below:

Do you need to make money whilst doing nothing?
Do you really care about our world?
Do you hate Ebola, Mad Cow Disease, along with the Bird Flu?
Would you enjoy some high-quality H2O, on occasion?
Do you want to pity that your morally-inferior friends and family?

All done? Great because that was a TEST cleverly disguised a questionnaire.

Give yourself 1-point for every single query where you replied “Yes. ”

And here is what your score means:

3, 4, or 5: This may be the robo-advisor for youpersonally! 2 or below: You can stop reading now.

Today we will look at a robo-advisor named Swell Investing that specialized in impact investing.

However, what is impact investing, anyhow?

Impact Investing

To know the investment system that we are covering, you have to understand impact investing.

We’ve heard it all before…

…you will need to spend for a prosperous future.

However, what about the future of our world and fellow humans?! Impact investing addresses this issue.

Impact investing can also be known as ‘sustainable investment ’ & &; lsquo;socially-responsible investing. ’

Call it what you want, but this investment gives you the ability to make critical social alterations.

Investors that attempt to create such change do so by investing in companies that set a higher benchmark for environmental and social actions.

The best component is…

…you don’t need to pick between cash and creating change.

It is possible to do both!

You may make significant returns on your investments and gain people around the world.

That’s precisely what Swell Investing can assist you achieve.

Swell Investing Overview

The company began with ONE simple query:

“How can we make a better investment choice for people that care about where their money goes and what it supports? ”

Does that seem Swell to you?

Swell Investing is a SEC-registered investment adviser made by Pacific Life.

These guys (and gals) are a small robo-advisor with just over $25 million under control.

So, If You’re anything like me…

…you also need to produce a positive impact and generate income.

The crucial word is “AND” in that sentence.

Since investing in something positive should not come at the expense of your own wealth.

Swell Homepage

Swell generates themed portfolios of individual stocks.

The companies that constitute every portfolio come from socially responsible businesses.

If you want to know more about investing in socially responsible securities, this really is Swell’s specialty.

Currently, Swell provides its customers with six investment themes:

Green Tech
Renewable Energy
Zero Waste
Clean Water
Healthy Living
Disease Eradication

Swell can place your cash to function in ways that can benefit millions of people.

However, you will never fulfill your goals providing your life-savings for charity.

Thus, without further ado…

…does it make financial sense to spend with Swell?

That’s what it is you are about to discover!

How Swell Works

When you’ve noticed one robo-advisors, you’ve seen them all, correct?

Not exactly.

This section intends to concentrate on just how Swell differentiates itself from different robo-advisors.

Swell enables its customers to choose from pre-packaged portfolios that are handled by the business.

Users have the freedom to select which portfolios to purchase and to decide the asset allocation in every.

Each portfolio contains between 40 and 70 individual stocks, and consumers can opt to swap-out around 3 securities in their discretion.

Impact investing is not anything new…

…but the way Swell assists investors find the best stocks and spend in the lowest price is brand new.

The platform locates innovative companies that fit the impact investing mold and uses them to fulfill every portfolio.

Swell app

Sign-Up for Swell

The signup procedure for Swell is easy, straightforward, and shorter compared to other robo-advisors.

You have to be a U.S. citizen or resident alien and at least 18 decades old.

Select Go to Site, then click Sign Up.

Swell Signup

Produce your own username by entering your email and produce a password.

Just enter your identifying information (e.g., name, date of birth, and employment status) and answer a couple of questions.

These questions cover advice such as:

Your current assets
Your Preferred timeline
Your risk tolerance

Fund Your Swell Account

When the signup process is complete, you can link your checking account or savings account (takes all banks) to the brokerage account and begin investing!

Swell will spend your money after they hit your account.

And, it is possible to also set-up recurring deposits to automate the savings process.

The entire process from set up to financing your account takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Once you’ve successfully signed-up, it is time to pick your portfolio!

Swell Portfolios

Since Swell Will be handling your cash …

…wouldn’Can you want to learn how the firm selects its investments?

The company uses a rule-based approach to optimize impact and performance.

Here is the three-step process that goes into making a Swell portfolio:

Swell screens each firm due to their devotion to positive impact.
Swell investigates each firm to learn how they derive revenue.
Swell assesses each organization ’s financial wellbeing, stock valuation, and bandwidth.

With this process, you are getting stocks that produce an impact financially and socially.

You may purchase among Swell’s socially responsible portfolios for as little as $50.

This low-investment threshold is remarkable for SRI as it used to price investors serious money upfront merely to get started.

There are six portfolios to choose from, each having a different mission.

Each Swell portfolio is composed of 40 to 60 stocks from companies that align with every class.

It is possible to pick individual taxable accounts and Traditional, Roth, and SEP IRAs.

Swell portfolios

Green Tech

Overview: A portfolio of organizations building products and services that reduce our pull the energy infrastructure. Think of electric cars and LED lighting.

Top 5 Holdings: Tesla Motors 4.63percent | Analog Devices 4.23percent | ABB LTD. 4.14percent | Arista Networks 4.06percent | Johnson Controls International 4.04%

Clean Water

Overview: A portfolio of organizations conserving water, cleaning it up, and alerting our strategies. Think of water pipe and filters fixes.

Top 5 Holdings: Aqua America 4.15percent | EcoLab 4.05percent | Waters Corp 4.04percent | Xylem 4.02percent |            Pentair PLC 4.0%

Zero Waste

Overview: A portfolio of organizations cleaning up our world and meeting growing worldwide demand. Think of recycling and repurposing.

Top 5 Holdings: Westerlock Co Com 4.06percent | RPM 4.04percent | Trimble 4.04percent | Tetra Tech 4.03percent |                   Ball Corporation 4.03%

Renewable Energy

Overview: A portfolio of organizations that are harnessing natural resources to power our planet. Think of turbines and solar panels.

Top 5 Holdings: PPL Corp 4.1percent | Edison International 4.1percent | National Grid Transco 4.05percent | Digital Realty TR 4.01percent | Eaton Corp 4.01%

Disease Eradication

Overview: A portfolio of companies working on biotech and pharmaceutical solutions to fight major health challenges. Think of Immunizations and research.

Top 5 Holdings: Incyte Corp 4.26percent | Shire PLC 4.22percent | Bristol-Myers Squibb 4.2percent |                     Medtronic PLC 4.06percent | Biogen 4.05%

Swell retains 0.25percent of the portfolio in money to pay for advisory fees.

The money held in your portfolio will be FDIC insured and put in an interest-bearing account.

Healthy Living

Overview: A portfolio of organizations that enable us to live longer, healthier lives through fitness, food, and technology. Think of nutritious foods and health centers.

Top 5 Holdings: Lululemon Athletica 4.08percent | Align Technology 4.07percent | Dexcom 4.03percent | Unilever 4.03%| Abiomed 4.03%

Impact 400

Overview: A portfolio of companies that derive revenue from actions aligned with all the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development targets. The most impactful companies in the market.

Top 5 Holdings: Tesla Motors 2.68percent | Novartis A G ADR 2.32percent | Apple 2.16percent |                                     Roche Holdings LTD ADR 2.1percent | Nextera Energy 2.03%

Swell Fees

Swell costs a 0.75% annual fee on all accounts.

Given that Swell is a niche service greater fees ought to be anticipated compared to other robo-advisors.

Consequently, if you spend $500, it will cost you $3.75 annually.

Or, as Swell would say, “The cost of fancy coffees. ”

Swell investing fees

The company does not have:

Trading charges Price Tiers
Expense Ratios

Swell’s comprehensive fee is refreshing as you understand what you can expect to pay upfront.

Many robo-advisors market 1 fee while you are signing up…

…just to charge trading charges and expense ratios when you’ve spent your money with them!

With Swell, you don’t need to worry about that happening.

Key Features

Swell provides several valuable features that you can help you.

Listed below are a few Important benefits that come along with this investment system:

Tax Optimization. This attribute sells your most substantial losses and gains last to reduce your overall income.

Automatic Deposits. It is possible to set recurring deposits to continually save and spend.

Customizable Portfolios. It is possible to remove companies from the investment mix whether they are underperforming, don’t align with your faith, or for any other motive.

We would love to see more features from Swell, such as educational materials, as the company continues to grow.

However, for the time being, these features are useful and can help make the most out of your investments.

Customer Service

Swell uses email as its main method of communicating with customers.

There’s no live customer support contact or direct hyperlinks on the company’s website.

But if Swell can’t fix your problem via email, the company vows to be in contact to work out your issue.

Furthermore, there is an outstanding FAQ Support Center website that can answer your questions on:

Sign Up Process
Funding My Account
Account Types
Deposits & Withdrawals
Closing Your Account
Taxes & Fees

We’ve found Swell customer support to be reliable but lacking when compared to bigger robo-advisors.

Who’s Swell Can Benefit

We always advocate that new investors test the waters using a robo-advisor.

Purchasing $50 using Swell is a excellent way to begin and check out the markets.

For more experienced investors, Swell is amazing for:

Socially Responsible Investing. Make a difference on the planet!
Hands-Off Investing. Allow your robo-advisor do the job!
Young Generations. Since you are tech-savvy!

Swell’s target audience is millennials that are looking to produce a difference on the planet.

Little and massive investments can be used to alter how the world functions.

Swell optimizes your portfolio for risk and expected returns.

Your portfolio will be re-balanced quarterly to remove underperforming firms.

What We Love About Swell

Socially Responsible Investing. If you are looking socially responsible purchasing — look no more.

Swell is a special robo-advisor in the way in which the company centers around SRI-themed portfolios.

Customizable Portfolios. Swell is also unique because the company provides investors the ability to select individual securities.

Most robo-advisors invest mostly in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) which limits your ability to select and pick the stocks that you want.

Swell investors can opt to swap out up to three shares in their portfolio.

Personal and Retirement Accounts. Swell is an alternative for investors who have long- and short-term objectives.

Whether you are saving for a home or retirement, there is an account for you.

All-Inclusive Fee. The simplicity of Swell’so pricing is what we want to view.

You don’t need to be concerned about trading commissions or investment ratios.

To put it simply, what you find is what you get.

Low accounts. You simply want $50 to begin investing in Swell.

This minimum balance condition is quite low so far as SRI-themed portfolios go.

What We Don’t Love About Swell

High Fees. This “all-in” pricing model is very straightforward but maybe not the best price for investors.

This fee arrangement can be particularly bad for investors with large accounts.

Additional robo-advisors generally charge prices between 0.25% and 0.50 percent.

Professional Guidance. Swell provides customer support by email and phone during regular business hours.

Robo-advisors normally take a “hands-off” approach to investing, and some do so more than others.

Investors searching for personalized support should seek another robo-advisor (or neglect robo-advisors entirely!) .

Portfolio Management Tools. Swell lacks financial planning tools such as calculators and other devices used to understand your finances and investments.

The company does offer weekly market analysis along with a tool that investors can use to examine U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

The shortage of tools is a little setback given the simplicity of obtaining them anyplace on the net.

Able to Start Investing?

Have you made up your mind, yet?

If you Are Ready to invest for profit and impact…

click to head to Swell Investing and start your account now!

Swell Investing Review Summary

Swell intends to help investors establish a favorable financial future and encourage peace and wealth.

Hard to argue with that!

If you concur with all the organization ’s mission, this could be the robo-advisor for youpersonally!

It is possible to put money into everything from renewable energy to healthy living.

However, in all seriousness, it is more important to select investments that instill confidence.

If social obligation isn’t one of your goals, there are better robo-advisor alternatives for you.

But, whether you are just beginning or experienced investor, then Swell is a fantastic choice for both.

The low-minimum investment makes this platform tremendously accessible to anyone.

In addition, the greater prices for this niche service won’t majorly impact your investment performance.

You can use a financial adviser to set up an impact investment portfolio…

…however Swell Investing makes everything so much simpler!

If you are considering making money and also a difference, we highly suggest checking out our friends at Swell Investing.

Have you been waiting for an invitation?

Go and set up your account now!

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