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Swiss Police Take Delivery Of 13 Hyundai Kona Electric Models


Authorities in Switzerland recently took delivery of 13 Hyundai Kona Electric crossovers to join their fleet.

The electrical crossovers will be utilised in the area of St. Gallen, and a few of them are fully kitted out with flashing white and lights and orange paint strategies and are prepared for duty. The rest eight Kona Electrics is used for non-patrol functions rather than feature police liveries.

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Hyundai claims that police at St. Gallen opted for its Kona Electric following a selection procedure and rigorous testing. Authorities were particularly impressed the Kona offers space for five people and pumps out around 201 hp in its latest form while having a maximum assortment of 449 km (278 miles) over the WLTP cycle.

“With the usage of electric vehicles, we’re fulfilling a cantonal and governmental mandate, primarily to reduce exhaust and noise emissions. When I see the progress this technology was made, it talks more for this purchase,” thoughts of communications at St. Gallen cantonal police Hanspeter Krusi said. “Compared to conventional vehicles, the purchase price is set somewhat higher. However, this is offset from the Kona Electric’s lower maintenance costs and the overall upkeep. This means that we’re 100 percent electrical and cost-conscious on the road. ”

A number of police forces across the world are beginning to consider or are already using electrical vehicles thanks to their lower maintenance costs and useable variety. Authorities in California, by way of instance, have been placing an Tesla Model S by its paces and might introduce many more to its fleet.

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