Teletubbies Tease Announcement Coming This Week With Bizarre Image



Teletubbies has a significant announcement coming this week. The news was teased since the long-running British television series, made by Anne Wood and Andrew Davenport, pronounced its 24th birthday.  Teletubbies first aired March 31, 1997, rapidly gaining attention in its BBC2 daytime slot. Children and critics around the globe fell in love with all the family show, which now holds multiple BAFTA awards and two Daytime Emmys.

Teletubbies follows exactly the now-iconic foursome: Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po. Even the alien-like beings are called Teletubbies on account of the television screens on their stomachs. Each one has a different coloured body and antenna contour on their head. They talk in a giggly gibberish when waddling around their grassy house in a childlike fashion. Every episode sees the group perform abstract rituals and socialize with psychedelic characters such as their vacuum cleaner and a sunlight baby.

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In their most recent escapade, it seems the tubbies are hiding something big from the world. The official Teletubbies Twitter account took on the feed to discuss a somewhat bizarre picture, teasing a enormous statement was coming.  A hashtag in the conclusion of the tweet read”bitcoin,” leading fans to speculate if the children’s show will dabble in the crypto space.

The photograph plays a recent fad from the Bitcoin world where supporters add laser beams across the eyes within their profile pictures.  Tinky Winky and Po are the most recent to try it out in the aforementioned Teletubbies promo picture. Their famous sun baby seems to have been replaced by a mysterious rainbow bitcoin.  Teletubbies took things a step farther by changing laser-eyed Po to their profile photo on all social media platforms. The Teletubbies Instagram shared a elaborate caption, reading:”The Teletubbies have been hard at work with something that will change how we Big Hug. But what is it? Stay tuned for something out of this world…” The comments section was ablaze with equivalent parts guesses and confusion.

The timing of this Teletubbies tease is a tiny red flag. With April Fool’s Day arriving, it’s probably the advertising group is teeing a prank. A partnership with Bitcoin doesn’t seem to be a suitable fit for your children’s schedule , which includes a market of ages one to four. In addition, it is noteworthy that the photo designer decided to use an image of Po laughing, maybe due to being in a joke. Big hug and keep tuned.

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