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Tesla adds traffic light, stop sign detection to Autopilot


Starting today Teslas in the US can stop for traffic lights and stop signals. ????????

Where you wish to go Only say. Your Tesla will push you through city streets go about slow automobiles, and depart all on its own.

You merely monitor. @elonmusk pic.twitter.com/ryRKiReZqc

— Third Row Tesla Podcast (@thirdrowtesla) April 24, 2020

At a short term step towards fully autonomous driving, Tesla has released a new feature for the Autopilot system, enabling its automobiles to reevaluate traffic lights and stop signs and slow down to a stop. According to Electrek, it’therefore rolled out over all of vehicles fitted using Autopilot (normal since last year) from the US as part of their 2020.12.6 software upgrade, having been trialled by “early access” customers since past month.

In its release notes of the upgrade, Tesla writes that the attribute will “impede the vehicle for all detected traffic lights, including green, blinking yellow, and outside lights,” when Traffic-Aware Cruise Control (adaptive cruise control) or Autosteer (lane centring assist) is triggered. The vehicle will come to a stop if it finds a light or a stop signal.

For now, the driver will have to be the one to get the car going when it s safe to do so, either by pushing on the gear selector down or by briefly pressing the accelerator. The feature is still in beta, so the attribute will be programmed to be conservative at first, slowing down and preventing turning junctions; Tesla says it’ll control the automobile obviously once the business learns in the fleet.

The driver should continue to pay complete attention and be prepared to block the car themselves, as is normal for these driver assistance systems. This is because the attribute isn’t guaranteed to halt the vehicle in any traffic lights, and actually Tesla specifically stated the limitations of the system in a leaked manual, including pedestrian and railroad crossings, toll booths, temporary traffic lights, and give way signs and other signs and lights.

The new attribute follows the timeline established by CEO Elon Musk, who said earlier this month that it might roll out the system from the US “in a few weeks” plus a global release in the third quarter of the year. The delay for the latter could allow Tesla to adapt for the versions in traffic laws in each country, ” he said.

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