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Tesla amazes auto info giant after Model 3 receives more power ‘out of thin air’


Auto information services firm Edmunds recently analyzed its Long Range RWD Model 3 to confirm if it’s possible to enhance a vehicle’s performance with no new components or a trip to a Tesla service center. From the end of its tests, Edmunds concluded that the automobile industry is currently at a point where cars can gain more power out of thin air.

Tesla’s Peak Power Increase update was mentioned by the electric automobile maker when it introduced the $35,000 Standard Model 3 in a blog post in the end of February. The business rolled out the update soon after, explaining in its release notes that peak power was increased by around 5%, improving acceleration and performance. Edmunds chose to take their own Model 3 to confirm whether the electric sedan got after receiving the software update.

Tesla's recent over-the-air software update for the Model 3 guaranteed a 5% increase in power. Is it possible to add more power to a car from thin air? Our test track run says: YES. https://t.co/BneAXiuZos pic.twitter.com/VFuxv4Fd1A

— Edmunds (@edmunds) May 8, 2019

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Before the update, Edmunds‘ Long Range Model 3 RWD was doing 0-60 mph runs in 5.3 seconds, hitting the quarter-mile mark in 13.6 seconds. While attribute content manager Carlos Lago noted that he really did not feel much difference the Model 3’s numbers told a different story. According to instruments installed on the electric sedan, the Model 3’s 0-60 mph time was reduced to just 5.0 seconds after the update, an addition of 0.3 seconds. The automobile ’s quarter-mile performance also saw a small improvement at 13.5 seconds.

In general, Edmunds was quite impressed with Tesla, considering that the company legitimately added more power to the Model 3 over the air, free of charge to electric car owners. Unlike electricity boosts in gas vehicles, Tesla’s Peak Power Increase demanded no new components or a trip to the service center. This ’s mighty impressive, particularly for non-Performance vehicles such as the Long Range RWD Model 3.

Tesla’s Peak Power Increase has already helped other Model 3 achieve greater feats on the track. 1 such vehicle, a Model 3 Performance, ended up facing a literal supercar in the kind of a Ferrari 458 on the drag strip, and partly as a result of its OTA power boost, it was able to outrun its Italian-bred competitor. This ’s not bad at all for Tesla’s conservatively-specced vehicles to date.

Watch Edmunds‘ test of its Model 3 in the movie below.

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