Tesla Asks Employees To Help Deliver 30,000 Cars In 15 Days



Tesla is no stranger to ramping up deliveries towards the end of each quarter, and it is doing it as the end of Q1 2019 approaches. This time, it’s called on its employees to help out.

Based on Business Insider, which got hold of an email sent from Tesla senior vice president Sanjay Shah to department heads across the company, Tesla wants workers to volunteer and help the brand send cars before the end of the month.

“We need your help to make more progress in volunteer sign ups. We must deliver 30,000 more automobiles in next 15 days,” Shah’s email read.

Despite aiming to get a continual boost in deliveries in recent times, Tesla stated in its fourth-quarter financial filing that rents in North America could be lower this quarter than Q4 2018 since the automaker increases deliveries across Europe and China.

From manufacturing hell to delivery hell

Discussing with Business Insider, one Tesla employee claims to have driven a car three hours to send it to a waiting customer before taking an Uber ride back. Tesla paid for the employee’s excursion.

“We all pitched in because we want to see the company succeed. We did it for our own job security and for the company,” the employee said.

In January, Tesla revealed that it had been buying its own “car-hauling truck capacity” in a bid to “decrease automobile transportation time and improve the timeliness of scheduled deliveries. ” Elon Musk also stated in November that the automaker had purchased trucking companies to help with deliveries. Those inside the car-hauling industry deny these assertions, but have confirmed the carmaker has various contracts with automobile hauling companies.

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