Tesla Battery Day skeptics are “bummed that what they hyped didn’t happen,” Cramer says



Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) Battery Day skeptics sat around and looked at the negatives, according to Jim Cramer. Ignoring the positives of the event altogether, the critics who said the company event was a failure are not looking at the right things, and they’re just upset that what they wanted wasn’t announced.

On an episode of MSNBC’S Mad Money, Cramer stated that investors shouldn’t sweat the decline that TSLA stock felt in the sessions after the Battery Day event. Instead, they should look at all the positives that CEO Elon Musk and company unveiled during the highly-anticipated presentation.

A $25,000 car, a plan for more affordable battery prices, and a blueprint to manufacture 20 million vehicles a year is enough for Cramer to be excited. Why others aren’t is beyond him.

“They’re just bummed that the things they hyped didn’t happen.”

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“Tesla rolls out a plan to create an electric car for the masses and greeted with a yawn because Musk didn’t roll out a magic battery,” Cramer says. The idea that the event was a “flop” or was “underwhelming” is nobody’s fault but the critics, he stated.

“That’s what happens when you let expectations get out of control.”

Musk unveiled a new 4680 battery cell with increased power, energy density, and range. Also, it announced that Tesla was already making the cell at a pilot battery facility just down the road from its production plant in Fremont, California. Additionally, 20 million cars a year should be produced by 2030, which would eclipse the largest car companies in the world, like Toyota, which only makes 10 million vehicles annually.

The idea that a million-mile battery was a guarantee turned out not to be true. While Tesla unveiled a new, revolutionary cell, the company never mentioned any explicit details about a million-mile lifespan, and analysts got let down.

But ignoring all of the positives that Tesla announced because they didn’t get what they wanted out of the event is no reason to let the stock slide, Cramer suggests.

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What Musk announced on Tuesday “could be as revolutionary as the Model T when Henry Ford…built 15 million of them,” Cramer suggests. “It was the first time regular people could afford a car.”

Now that Tesla is entering the realm of affordable transportation, people should be more excited. The problem is the event didn’t have all the flashing lights and sci-fi music, as the Cybertruck event did in late 2019. It was a presentation that had limited potential due to social distancing regulations, and Tesla did all that it could to make it memorable.

In reality, it was a super special day, and Jim Cramer believes that just because some people didn’t get what they wanted doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a huge success.

Disclaimer: Joey Klender is a TSLA Shareholder.

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