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Tesla board approves purchase agreement for Gigafactory 4 property in Germany


Tesla’s Board of Directors have approved the contract to buy the 300-hectare parcel of property for Gigafactory 4 Grunheide, attracting the electrical carmaker a step nearer to begin the building of its European mill in Brandenburg.

The board approval follows a January 9 choice made by the Financial Committee of Brandenburg who approved the sales contract to the site in which the Gigafactory 4 will be constructed. Tesla secured the deal to buy the region covered by an expansive woods for 40.91 million euros or about $45 million.

The preliminary cost of the house can still be amended if an external review comes up with another price and finds out that adjustments are needed, Reuters reported.  The first pricing sets the cost at just 13.50 euros per square meter or about a third of neighboring properties. An individual should be aware that the property for the Tesla Gigafactory 4 site is not as developed as the Freinebrink Business Park that currently has roadways, power, and other requirements. The California-based automobile manufacturer will have to construct roads and set up necessary utilities such as electricity and water system to run the center.

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Over the weekend, there have been protesters in Grunheide expressing their worries about the effects of Tesla’s factory on the surroundings. This was met with an group of Tesla supporters who cried, “We are here! We’re loudly because Tesla is building the long run for us! ” Below is a clip shared by @Gf4Tesla via Twitter:

I love the #futureteslageneration 🥰

We want more of you personally and more happy,🗣

Choir: ” we are here, we are loud, because Tesla is building the future for us”💪👍#gigafactory4#Gruenheide pic.twitter.com/P0KAfjimVd

— #Gf4 #Gigafactory4 (@Gf4Tesla) January 19, 2020

Tesla supporters such as Anke Kranhold welcomes the chances Tesla attracts to Grunheide.

“I have sons and two daughters-in-law who are engineers, maybe later they will have the chance to cycle into work rather than commuting into Berlin,” Kranhold said.

Tesla started building access roads in the Grunheide property and therefore are also scanning the area for World War II-era bombs. The electrical carmaker can be working with authorities to move an endangered species of snakes that are currently hibernating, in addition to some other creatures in the woods.

Tesla intends to clear some of the woods by the end of February so as to stick to its timeline and start building by mid-March. The mill intends to begin manufacturing by July 2021 together with the intention to make 150,000 vehicles and later on ramp-up to construct 500,000 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles per year. The very first Tesla car mill in Europe may generate 8,000 jobs for nearby nations and locals.

Aside from producing jobs, Brandenburg’s Economic Minister Jörg Steinbach considers Tesla is going to have a “magnetic influence ” in Grunheide and help bring more businesses to the state and due to this, the authorities promised that the company has its support and will think about building a different freeway link, feeder roads, and expand rail ability to avoid traffic bottlenecks in the region.

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