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Tesla brings back free, unlimited supercharging for Model S and Model X cars


Free and boundless supercharging is back for owners of Model S and Model X cars, Tesla has announced – that means drivers may get the Supercharger juice and network up their automobiles at no excess cost.

It is a benefit that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously described as”unsustainable”, although this latest decision suggests that it makes business sense of the pricier versions in the organization’s range.

Sales of this Model S and Model X have slowed down lately, so the boundless charging deal is perhaps one means that Tesla can get new clients to choose these premium versions instead of the Model 3.

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According to a memo seen from Electrek, the turnaround lasts for so long as the driver owns the automobile but is linked to the proprietor, so it can not be moved to anyone else.

Keep on charging

Free and unlimited access to Supercharger channels was one of the traditional perks of owning Model S Model X until January 2017 – in that stage a 400 kWh limit for the year was released, and then drivers had to pay for their electricity.

It is logical that Tesla would need to scale the deal as more and more cars hit the road, costing the company increasingly more with respect to Supercharger electricity.

However, it looks like the amounts do work out after all, though it means people are purchasing Model S and Model X cars. Prices for the base configuration of the versions were raised also.

Meanwhile, Tesla’s on-board software continues to get a lot of upgrades: assistance for better games along with in-car karaoke happen to be rolled out lately.

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