Tesla China’s RHD Model 3 with new center console and black trim spotted in Hong Kong



Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai has sent six new Model 3s with updated interior and exterior elements to Hong Kong. Even more notable was the fact that all the refreshed Model 3s spotted in the Southeast Asian country were Right-Hand-Drive (RHD). 

Tesla owner-enthusiast @Ray4Tesla shared pictures of six Model 3 units in Hong Kong. The cars’ VINs started with LRW, indicating that they were made in Gigafactory Shanghai. “All these are RHD or RHW vehicles,” he said. “Based on this info, it may not be long before we see MIC Model 3s in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, etc.” the Tesla owner speculated. 

The cars may be the first sightings of RHD refreshed Model 3s. Given the timing of the photos, Giga Shanghai may start ramping RHD refreshed Model 3s sooner than expected. This could be advantageous for Tesla, as its China-based factory started shipping some of its cars to Europe last month.

JUST IN: 6 MIC Model 3s are spotted in Hong Kong. VIN # starting with LRW indicates MIC. All these are RHD or RHW vehicles. Based on this info, it may not be long before we see MIC Model 3s in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Source: @cyfoxcat pic.twitter.com/5bICh54XaT

— Ray4⃣Tesla⚡🚘☀🔋 (@ray4tesla) November 8, 2020

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Images of the first batch of MIC Model 3s exported to Europe revealed that the vehicles featured some of Tesla’s new interior and exterior components, like double-paned windows and updated headlights. However, some of the vehicles still featured pre-refresh elements such as chrome accents and the old center console.

Based on the pictures shared by @Ray4Tesla, some parts of the Model 3s seen in HK were wrapped in camouflage tape. The camouflage hid the exterior parts of the vehicle that would identify it as Tesla’s refreshed Model 3. It covered the blackout door handles and window trim, as well as the rims and headlights. 

Since the windows of the all-electric sedans were not covered, the interior of the Model 3s could clearly be observed. The vehicles featured Tesla’s new center console with wireless charging capabilities. More importantly, the steering wheel was fitted on the right-hand-side of the vehicles. 

New Tesla Model 3 with updated interior and exterior starts US deliveries

Considering the number of Model 3s that were spotted in Kong Kong, as well as the fact that some parts of the vehicles were camouflaged, the all-electric sedans spotted in the country were likely meant for testing and validation—for now at least.

Last week, the refreshed Model 3 was featured in Hong Kong-based YouTube channel 駕輛 UpCar. It seemed like the video was taken at a Tesla sales center, hinting that the refreshed Model 3 was already coming in Hong Kong. As of this writing, there have been no reports of customers in Hong Kong receiving the updated Tesla Model 3s. 

In the United States, Tesla has started delivering the new Model 3. One lucky reservation holder in Utah was able to get his refreshed Model 3 within a couple of weeks despite being told to expect delivery by early to mid-December. The vehicle featured all of the updates rolled out by the electric car maker last month, such as new Aero wheels, a new center console, doubled-paned windows, and black trim.

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