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Tesla community bands together on #ElonMuskDay in celebration of his contributions to humanity


On a day notorious for those involved with cannabis culture’s party, fans of another industry have come together to celebrate the achievements of Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and also the Boring Company.

Members and influencers over the Tesla community have banded together to tag April 20 as #ElonMuskDay, to celebrate the CEO’s achievements that have contributed to Tesla becoming the automaker of electrical vehicles and also a catalyst in sparking the energy industry.

4 decades and 5 million readers past this weekwe bought our very first @Tesla. Since that time I’ve come to appreciate the positive effect @elonmusk has made on Earth for decades to come. Happy #ElonMuskDay pic.twitter.com/NMu9WeeElI

— WHAT'S INSIDE? (@whatsinside) April 20, 2020

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Additionally, Musk’s donations to SpaceX have revamped the space business in the United States. All Musk’s ventures were not an attempt yet to help people on Earth free themselves from the fossil fuel-based energy that’s been damaging our Earth.

Happy #ElonMuskDay! I'm grateful to @elonmusk for giving me interesting stuff to talk about every week online and also for inspiring future generations to look up and wonder 🙏 pic.twitter.com/KmK1JjpVRa

— Ben Sullins 💪 (@BenSullins) April 20, 2020

While Musk’s mission was to help prevent a potential extinction by relieving the planet ’s thirst for fossil fuels, so the automobiles he’s helped produce have turned a lot of people into pioneers in vehicles. Consequently, the firm ’s vehicles already also have stored the Earth’s air from over 3,585,446 lots of carbon dioxide, decreasing the quantity of toxic fumes that have been published and slowing the speed of international climate change.

Really like this incredible community! #TeslaFamily #ElonMuskDay pic.twitter.com/80T5TWQHuQ

— Anuarbek Imanbaev (@anuarbekiman) April 20, 2020

Tesla has become a force in the fight against climate problems by offering people vehicles that package specifications with Earth-friendly objectives. This mission has contributed to Tesla bringing thousands and thousands of cars each calendar year, with analysts predicting no end in sight for the electrical automaker. With all the Model 3 and Model Y, Tesla has started taking in the mass market, which opens up a big demographic of mainstream auto buyers.

Happy #elonmuskday! @MorrisonHiker and I are very grateful for all @elonmusk, his loved ones, and his workers have performed for the area! A path to a sustainable future is the future that is only! pic.twitter.com/gebC7wT0UF

— Erik (@teslainventory) April 20, 2020

Tesla’s progress in the movement against hardship is a result of direct donations to Musk’s time and money. The journey hasn’t become a short or easy one, though. Musk ran out of capital in 2008 and chose to spend his very last bit of cash equally into both Tesla and SpaceX. Twelve decades later, both companies are flourishing. Tesla is coming off of its most critical Q1 in business history, and SpaceX continues to dominate the aerospace industry with its regular launches utilizing reusable rockets.

How we wish to live and came together to discover purpose and excitement in getting up every day. #ElonMuskDay https://t.co/79nwWooNa6 https://t.co/PaQYhXmAfD pic.twitter.com/ZcZDQzoPGx

— Team Teslarati (@TeslaratiApp) April 20, 2020

Thank you for all of your doing for your world @elonmusk and @Tesla Let now officially be recognized as #ElonMuskDay pic.twitter.com/ONxXVlDPtd

— Tesla Raj (@tesla_raj) April 20, 2020

The date of 4/20 is a couple that is connected with Musk for several decades. On August 7, 2018, the Tesla CEO succeeded toward taking TSLA stocks private at $420 each share. “Funding secured,” Musk wrote. He finally decided against taking the business private, but Tesla reached Musk’s $420 cost target on December 23, 2019. Since that time, TSLA investors have enjoyed significant increase in the evaluation of the electric automobile maker. The stock more than doubled as mid-March despite having a negative impact in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you to @ElonMusk and @SpaceX for making us happy to be person #ElonMuskDay pic.twitter.com/IctB4xQcMy

— Starman (@RealLifeStarman) April 20, 2020

Tesla and Musk’s influence is undeniable after 4/20/2020 was labeled by a number of members of this community as #ElonMuskDay. The guy ’s mission to rescue humanity in the use of fossil fuels has spread all around the globe. Musk’s mission to conserve the Earth is far from over, but also the increase of the neighborhood and the provider speaks for itself. The wish to save everybody from climate change is not a rush, it s marathon.

#ElonMuskDay is much more than one man. It’s community, friendship, family. It’s clean air, about humanity, and progress for future generations. The whole is greater than the sum of its components.

— Sean M Mitchell (@seanmmitchell) April 20, 2020

About @elonmusk afternoon we’re reminded of all the different individuals brought together on one goal and purpose. The neighborhood has become the best aspect of owning a Tesla. #ElonMuskDay pic.twitter.com/Glh5XA0sjQ

— Tesla Owners Silicon Valley (@teslaownersSV) April 20, 2020

Tesla’s impact has resulted in a transition to electrification from many big automakers after realizing that the need to leave dangerous and unhealthy petrol sourced electricity in favor or clean electrical power.

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