Tesla CyberCoupe Looks Like A Sci-Fi Movie Car, Would Make For A Nice Modern KITT



Despite looking as if it was styled using an axe, the Tesla Cybertruck has created a design trend among motorists.

Some (more or less) cheap replicas have been spotted roaming the streets and turning heads, but this two-door coupe, inspired by the electric pickup, won’t be attracting any attention outside the digital realm, simply because it does not exist.

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The illustrations, created by Matteo Gentile, portray an electric sports coupe, which is dubbed the CyberCoupe. It follows in the footsteps of the Cybertruck, although with cleaner looking front and rear sections and bigger LED light strips at both ends, and makes do without the fender flares and apocalyptic-looking wheels shod in chunky rubber.

With a few mods and a black paint finish, we reckon that it would make for an interesting KITT movie car, because if you haven’t heard yet, the Knight Rider series is making a comeback as a feature film, and it is still unknown what ride the main character will use.

Unlike the original Pontiac Firebird turned into everyone’s favorite talking movie car in the 1980s TV series starring David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, the CyberCoupe would not have all sorts of buttons in the cockpit, as everything would be accessible via the large central touchscreen display and/or voice commands. Quick and silent getaways would be possible too, because it would pack a powerful zero-emission drivetrain. Now, if only the right people see these renderings…

Note: These are illustrations created by Matteo Gentile and are in no way related to or endorsed by Tesla

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