Tesla Cybertruck efficiency gets shoutout from UT Congress hopeful



US House candidate Deven Thorpe, who is running to represent District 3 in Utah, favorably compared the Tesla Cybertruck to a Ford Pinto in a recent tweet. The UT Congress hopeful is a proponent of taking action against climate change, and he highlighted how much more energy-efficient the Tesla Cybertruck was compared to an old Ford Pinto.

“Here’s one of the many reasons I’m excited about a clean, green future. The Tesla Cybertruck uses about 1/3 as much energy per mile as an old Ford Pinto,” said Thorpe in his tweet. The tweet received support from numerous users of the social media platform, including UT Democrat Dr. Kathie Allen, who noted that she was looking forward to the Cybertruck’s 500-mile variant.

Here's one of the many reasons I'm excited about a clean, green future. The Tesla CyberTruck uses about 1/3 as much energy per mile as an old Ford Pinto!The future that is coming is great! Join me in accelerating it!#letsbeboldtogether #UtahValues #BoldSolutions #UTpol pic.twitter.com/14QOU8bU9F

— Devin D. Thorpe (@devindthorpe) October 26, 2020

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For context, the Ford Pinto was a subcompact car released in North America from 1971 to 1980. The Cybertruck has been deemed a solid pickup truck by conventional and sometimes even unconventional standards. Tesla’s entry to the pickup truck market is quite unique and has been described as a potentially revolutionary futuristic vehicle.

Even compared to most trucks out today, the Cybertruck’s efficiency will likely be impressive, especially considering that it is a massive all-electric pickup. While the Cybertruck will likely not be as efficient as its smaller, more aerodynamic siblings like the Model 3, there’s a good chance that it will be far more energy-efficient than conventional pickup trucks.

Considering that Tesla released the Cybertruck before its Battery Day, the EV automaker’s new battery technologies will likely help optimize the Cybertruck’s efficiency even more. Then again, it is not as if the Cybertruck’s rivals are the most efficient vehicles either, as could be seen below.

(Credit: US Department of Energy)

According to his LinkedIn, Thorpe has been working full time to rid the world of poverty, improve global health, and fight climate change. On his official website, Thorpe delves deeper into climate change and why he lists it as one of the issues he plans to tackle if he wins.

“Climate change poses a threat to us all. The US should lead the world in reducing carbon emissions and transforming our economy to one based on abundant, clean, cheap renewable energy. Investing in clean energy will enable us to be energy independent,” Thorpe states in his website.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Thorpe’s main goals seem to align. Tesla as a whole has been working hard to transition the world from a mine-and-burn hydrocarbon economy to a solar electric economy. The Tesla Cybertruck is just one step towards that goal.

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