Tesla Cybertruck prototype spotted on Fremont production lines



A Tesla Cybertruck model was spotted on production lines in the company’s Fremont mill in Northern California. The Cybertruck isn’t expected to be produced until late 2021, but Tesla has many prototypes floating around, and it could be adding to the list.

Fremont is the only currently-operating manufacturing facility that Tesla has in the United States since Giga Texas now is under construction. The Cybertruck isn’t assumed to be constructed in the Fremont plant because business plans have suggested that Tesla will make the pickup in the Texas mill next year.

However, a post on the r/TeslaMotors subreddit from user u/rkhan7862 revealed the Cybertruck near bare chassis at the Fremont plant. Other cars are clearly being fabricated at the same area as the Cybertruck, therefore it is likely that Tesla was constructing an additional prototype for unknown factors.

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From the picture, four employees will also be admiring the company’s first attempt at a pickup truck as it could have been the very first time they had seen the interestingly-designed Cybertruck.

Tesla introduced the Cybertruck at November 2019 in an occasion in Hawthorne, California. Since the case, the truck was spotted many times in public. After when CEO Elon Musk chose it to a Los Angeles restaurant with friends and yet another when Musk and preceding Cuban TV show host Jay Leno were filming a little for MSNBC’s “Jay Leno’s Garage. ”

The Cybertruck additionally appeared in the Petersen Automotive Museum earlier this season following Tesla delivered the truck for a week-long appearance at the historic establishment.

The production of the Cybertruck is scheduled for late next year, and also, interestingly, Tesla will choose the opportunity to fabricate another prototype if that is what’s happening in the film. The conclusion of Q3 is rapidly coming. Tesla has historically used the final two weeks of a quarter to concentrate on delivering and producing as many vehicles as you can in preparation for the subsequent Earnings Call.

Although it is likely this could be among the existing prototypes of the Cybertruck that Tesla made in years past it might be interesting to know why the car is sitting close to production lines. Normally, production lines at automotive centers are tight and not very spacious, to park a model, especially of their Cybertruck’s dimensions, this close to other cars that are being constructed, wouldn’t make much sense.

Tesla will begin producing the Dual and Tri-Motor versions of their Cybertruck in Giga, Texas, at late 2021. The Single Motor version will be available sometime in 2022.

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