Home News Tesla Delays Deliveries Of Its First $35,000 Model 3s

Tesla Delays Deliveries Of Its First $35,000 Model 3s

Tesla Delays Deliveries Of Its First $35,000 Model 3s

Deliveries of the entry-level, $35,000 Model 3 were set to commence earlier this month, but it’s been disclosed that the electrical automaker has failed to follow through on its promise.

The Drive recently discovered numerous complaints on several forums from Model 3 reservation holders that ’ve received text messages from the company stating that their vehicles are delayed.

Many of these customers claim they were told they would receive their base Model 3s in the last week of March; they, nevertheless, have received text messages informing them that this is not going to happen. “Our apologies, we will need to reschedule your delivery appointment. A Tesla representative will reach out when we have a better estimate of your delivery timing from Tesla,&rdquo.

Customers say they haven’t been told when they would get their car. Some of them report that their online Tesla accounts state deliveries will commence in six to eight weeks.

Is Tesla attempting to push on models?

As those who purchased the entry-level eagerly wait to find the keys to their vehicles, some assert that Tesla has contacted them in an attempt to sell them more upscale, and expensive, versions. If reports are to be believed, no Tesla Model 3 Standard Range versions are delivered so far. It has been three years since the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 was announced.

In early March, Elon Musk said initial deliveries of the entry Model 3 would go. “They will get priority and it will be orders,” Musk said.

Many clients waiting for Model 3s are particularly keen to receive them before the end of Jun,e when Tesla’s federal EV tax credit is reduced from $3,750 to $1,875.

We’ve contacted Tesla to hear their side on the issue, and will update this article once we have a reply.

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