Tesla dominates US luxury car segment in Kelly Blue Book’s Q2 2019 Brand Watch



The outcomes of the Q2 2019 Kelley Blue Book Brand Watch have shown that the United States’ luxury vehicle segment has been dominated by Tesla, particularly its vehicle so far, the Model 3 mid sized sedan. 

In accordance with the results of KBB’s current report, the Tesla Model 3 was the most-considered luxury model at Q2 2019up from No.6 in the first quarter. The Model Sa car that has seen a decrease in earnings amidst the ongoing ramp of the Model 3, also rated well in KBB’therefore study, holding the No.8 spot on the most-shopped luxury automobile list.  

Tesla was the first time overall most-shopped luxury brand in the United States, with 14% of luxury auto shoppers contemplating one of the company’s existing offerings when purchasing a premium automobile. That is a notable improvement from Tesla’therefore first-quarter results, which saw the firm ranking 10th with 8% of luxury car shoppers contemplating a Model 3, Model S, or Model X. 

(Credit: Kelley Blue Book)

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Tesla’s results in the Q2 2019 Kelley Blue Book Brand Watch are particularly remarkable, especially considering that the firm encountered challenges during the second quarter. Following lower-than-expected deliveries in Q1, Tesla was struck by a tide of negative thoughts that ranged in the absence of requirement for the Model 3 into a stock price. In the event the results of the KBB report aren’t any indication, it appears that the negativity that encompassed Tesla in the second quarter failed to dent the company’s reputation among car buyers. 

This is particularly notable in that Tesla also dominated the list of most significant factors for consumers which are trying to buy a car, with the electric automobile manufacturer capturing seven first-place places out of 12 categories set out in the report. According to KBB’s results, Tesla was considered as the brand for driving comfort, driving performance, engineering, interior layout, outdoor styling, fuel efficiency, and prestige/sophistication. 

(Credit: Kelley Blue Book)

With these results, Kelley Blue Book noted that Tesla has now grown into one of the strongest luxury brands in the United States. “Tesla isn’t any more an emerging brand, it has turned into one of the best acting luxury brands with 8% market share,” the KBB report noted.

In the end, the only groups in the Q2 2019 Kelley Blue Book Brand Watch in which Tesla did not place at the top 3 spots included ruggedness, which will be so far irrelevant to the brand thinking that the firm has no off-road car to date; as well as affordability, which is only marginally important for the mainstream-priced Tesla Model 3. These classes will be addressed by Tesla in the future, with all the Tesla Pickup Truck potentially catering into the rugged, pragmatic market, and Model 3 prices being further optimized amidst falling battery rates.

The complete outcomes of the Q2 2019 Kelley Blue Book Brand Watch might be found below.

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