Tesla driver caught cheating license exam using Autopilot



Tesla motorist Andreas Shpataj sneakily switched on his all-electric automobile ’s Autopilot method to retake his motorist ’s permit test. Regrettably, his strategies didn’t even work on the seemingly quite observant DMV examiner.

The DMV examiner detected the gloomy steering wheel in the infotainment system’s driving visualizations during Shpataj’s permit test. “All right quick question. What was that small blue emblem? Was that like any kind of auto escape or escape control thing? ”


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Shpataj strove to bypass the question from coyly describing Autopilot as a very simple motorist assist. “It doesn’t actually help you drive. It just kinda assists you,” he said.

The DMV examiner excused himself for an instant. After he came back, he had some awful news for Shpataj. “Alright, I’m going to have to neglect you unfortunately,” he said.

According to Shpataj’s TikTok about the episode, it was suggested that the reason he failed was because he used Autopilot throughout the evaluation. Lots of folks in the remarks shared that some DMVs don’t allow backup cameras during a permit evaluation, let alone a motorist assistance system, particularly one as innovative because Tesla’s Autopilot.

According to Driving Tests, many DMVs prohibit the use of automatic driving assist systems during a permit test. A few DMVs may require permit applicants to disable these features.

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