Tesla enthusiast celebrates Elon Musk’s daring, rebellious streak in epic illustration



Elon Musk is arguably one of the world’s notable visionaries today, but he is nonetheless a rebel. He rebelled against the conventions of the United States’ shuttle system using SpaceX, and he rebelled from the fossil fuel sector with Tesla. It has never been easy for Musk, because his profession is characterized by one large hazard after a second. It is no secret that regardless of the net worth of $20 billion, Elon Musk still lives on the edgeteetering on the edge of failure or success.

Marine veteran and entrepreneur Shawn Wylde is also a lifelong warfare. Raised in a home, Wylde finally made his way. His path was modeled with controversy, as he faced expulsion from the Virginia Military Institute later directing a student revolt after they overly punished a group of students. From there, Wylde served as an officer at the US Marine Corps, in which he was finally settled into Iraq. Wylde coped with a traumatic brain injury and PTSD following his setup, which resulted in a downward spiral that ended with him serving time.

It was during his incarceration that Wylde came up with what could be his business idea so far. While attempting to determine how he could raise money to repay his lawyer,  the former marine elected to try his hand in designing a clever, hyper-patriotic (and to some stage, satirical) shirt that he could promote fellow army members. His plan worked, and he enabled him to raise more than enough cash to pay for his legal counsel. The former marine continued brainstorming suggestions while in prison. After serving time and effort on home arrest, Wylde started his online clothes shop — American AF — which includes a selection of funny and hyper-patriotic clothing that pokes fun at every corner of US politics and history.

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Having said that, Wylde’s project is a step away from American AF’s conventional fare that is political. This time around, the former marine opted to focus that he believes the “entrepreneur’therefore entrepreneur” — SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Inspired by the postwar world of Mad Max, also using his flair for pop up culture-inspired humor, Wylde started American AF’s latest flagship example — Mad Musk, which includes a determined Elon Musk confidently riding an electrical Mad Max Interceptor while battling aliens on Mars. In a statement to Teslarati, the former maritime described his inspiration for the item.

“We tend to idolize the big names in technology, but I feel the huge majority of creator success stories could have been composed about someone else, even if luck and time were distinct. That is, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.,  while amazing companies, could have been created by someone else if not from the creators that got there first. But maybe not Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Co.. No way that these will exist with no Elon Musk. I presume that’s what sets him. Also the fact that he keeps launching new businesses. Most successful entrepreneurs recognize how brutal it is and how blessed they were, and Thus they transition to being investors.   It s secure and effortless. But maybe not Elon. He invests and goes all his money into insanely risky startups. It s mad. That’s why we made Mad Musk,” that he said.

In authentic American AF flair, Mad Musk is bombarded with references from Elon Musk’s ventures moments that are prominent. SpaceX’s Crew Dragon along with Starship may be understood in the backdrop, along with the Tesla emblem stands proudly at the top of a flagpole. All these Elon Musk references extend all of the way into the Tesla-Mad Max Interceptor itself, from the pay to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, his “worth it” tweet following his run-in using the SEC, solar panels out of Tesla Energy, as well as the logos of Zip2, X.com, PayPal, along with Blastar, a match that Musk made as a child. Some funny illustrations in the vehicle also include Jeremy Clarkson (a reference to the former Top Gear host’s controversy with the original Roadster), along with a 1990s Calvin Sticker that very literally goals TSLA short-sellers. Needless to say, the logos of The Boring Company, Neuralink, and Ad Astra (revealed in Musk’s armband) are also prominent in the case.

American AF’s ‘Mad Musk’ is teeming with references to Elon Musk’s partnerships. (Photo: Shawn Wylde/American AF)

Finally, Mad Musk is Wylde’s ode to Elon Musk’s determination and grit, as well as his refusal to offer up. Wylde noted that he really wanted to work at Tesla since he finds the company’s assignment inspiring. Considering that the electric automobile maker has somebody that’s “a lot brighter ” than him, Wylde notes that he might too help Musk from the outside by revealing, in his own small way, that the daring CEO pretty much embodies the American dream. Plus, Wylde tells us, “Tesla is created in the USA,” producing the electrical automobile and energy company actually American AF.

“After studying up on Elon, I get the sense that he was a child prodigy who endured a traumatic upbringing that–despite being so horrible –somehow resulted in a guy who has nearly unlimited persistence, passion, and goodwill to give the entire world. I just think he’s a person that isn’t even motivated power or by money. He’s a founder and engineering ” Wylde stated.

In my connections with Shawn Wylde, he mentioned that he actually hopes that Elon Musk would like his company’s enjoyable example. Having said that, the former marine joked that he would pay for Musk not quitting the film, and also for not suing American AF for his or her likeness. Shawn also noted that when Mad Musk demonstrates effective, his clothing company would create more committed Elon Musk-inspired product, especially one that incorporates the CEO and a vehicle that he recently booked from Tesla — that a next-generation Roadster.

Elon Musk’s refusal along with his raw conviction is something that could not be denied. It is this attribute that produced SpaceX and Tesla exactly what they are today. Finally, people have motivated from all over the world. Beyond Shawn Wylde and his clothes company, Elon Musk’s adventurous ventures have also created a devoted neighborhood of electrical auto owners who market Tesla during their self-evident movies , and who are willing to pay it forward when needed.

American AF’s current selection of Elon Musk product could be looked at here.

Below is a funny movie from American AF about Elon Musk function as the dream weaver. ” Do notice that Kimbal Musk also makes a very special announcement at the end of the video.

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