Tesla explodes after crash on Russian highway



A Tesla vehicle involved in a crash burst into flames and exploded on a street near Moscow last night, local media reported. The occupants were slightly injured, but the car is still toast.

The model of the car isn’t apparent from coverage, but seems to be a Model S or Model 3. It was being pushed with a 41-year-old Russian guy, who had his children with him. He had allegedly engaged a driveway support attribute (although not necessarily Autopilot) and had his own hands on the wheel when he crashed to a tow truck in the left lane.

The driver broke his thighs as well as the kids got away with just lumps, Reuters reported, however, the auto wasn’t so fortunate. A while after the crash that the vehicle caught fire, and shortly after that a pair of explosions happened within its body, as seemingly captured (I was unable to immediately confirm this) from the following video posted by Somebody in traffic going another direction:

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Авария на МКАД и пожар Car exident and flame ring road around Moscow (MKAD) 10 августа, 21:00, внутренняя сторона МКАД в районе поселка Мосрентген. Службы вызваны Говорят, Тесла загорелась… #авария #авариянамкад #пожар #пожарнамкад #горитмашина #горитмашинанамкад #мкад #мосрентген #fire #carexident #caronfire #mkad #moscow #moscowmkad #тесла #теслазагорелась #tesla #teslaonfire

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Firefighters shortly arrived and put the flames out. The conditions of the crash remain unsure, and there will no doubt be an investigation, since there are for any severe issues such as this. I’ve requested Tesla for more details and will update this post when I hear back.

While cars crash and grab fire on a rather regular basis, Teslas have a rare but recurring difficulty of bursting into fire after an accident , as well as spontaneously. The unique hazards of battery-based vehicles are naturally interesting, however, the sensational nature of reports about them can also give a false notion of those dangers. Tesla cars are in crashes about as often as other vehicles, but fires are rare.

Whether Autopilot has been involved is also not very clear. The drive-assist manner the driver was using may simply have been flea controller or such, and the driver told papers he didn’t detect the tow truck. Until more facts are known mediation is fruitless.

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